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Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
He couldn't help himself when he picked up a sandwich and took a bite, all that climbing and failing made a man hungry. "It's good" was he got out before he looked at her and smiled, "Sorry, where are my manners." No need to act like an animal and just eat without conversation or being polite. "Wonder who the company had made this or if the ministry food court people did." They could have had them easily do picnic foods he assumed.

He looked up to see the sun setting and moved a bit closer to her. The air was cooler up on top of the ministry, "Do you want my jacket?" He had worn one but slipped it off after the climbing had him hot. He wondered if it was to soon to put an arm around her as they watched the sunset, but kept it just behind her instead. This was turning out to be a nice date after all.
Amidala giggled, there was an element of radiating cuteness with young man and she was all for it. "Good point, I'll have to check that out. Though I'm not complaining it's all very nicely presented and tasty." Mhm! Amidala had slipped off her gloves long before taking her first bite and the chill of the evening made her already naturally cold hands even colder. There was no explanation as to why her hands, heck her entire body, was always cold regardless what season it was.

Sensing Victor inch closer to her she shyly folder the corner of her lips into a subtle smile. Her cheeks a darker shade of pink and the small blue veins in her hands were more vibrant with the cool breeze. "I wouldn't mind extra warmth." She nodded, accepting his request for the jacket. The sun was setting lower and the rays of its light were hitting her eyes just right, revealing the small rays of turquoise in her deep blue eyes calm like the sea.

She lightly leaned her head on his shoulder and admired the scene, taking bites of her food from time to time. She was having a great time, in fact the best time. Better than she thought this date would bring her. "You want to take a picture?" She pointed at the sun setting low.
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