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Quidditch was in the air, the minds, the food, the clothes, and every other aspect it could find as far as Jorge could see. It had been the topic of everything for months now and honestly, the editor and chief was getting tired of it. He liked quidditch, but he wasn't the full-blown excited fan that most were, he didn't even care to have his children play, but they both seemed to enjoy it, so he stayed quiet about it. He had his reasons for his not so excited tone, but he held it in for the good of the paper, his friends, and his wife.

Today he was out trying to find some news that might not be quidditch related and all he found was quidditch. He should have known better to go out looking for something during the very week the match was to be played. Especially near the street vendors, which seemed to have doubled since the last time he walked around. Did they all have permits, which if they didn't could be a good story about the illegal happenings during a match.

Actually, that could be a good angle to put someone on. Pulling out a small notebook he wrote down some notes to take into his journalist and see what they could come up with. There had to be some things going on, had anyone been near Knockturn Alley recently?
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