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Originally Posted by MunchyBubbles View Post
One of the things Kam loved about heading into Diagon, was that there was so many people about. Things at her house were quiet, most of her siblings were gone, though she did have her closest sibling Chase there for awhile.

But normally it was just her, her parents worked and so she was left to her own devices. Which was lovely for a day or so.. getting to sleep in was amazing, but after lounging around the house and baking as much as she could..

She was lonely, she missed her friends and her boyfriend and so.. she headed into Diagon to see if she could happen to see one, or five.. she wasn’t needy at all!

She stepped into Floreans and looked around, intent on getting some ice cream and perhaps people watch for a bit. She smoothed back her light brown ponytail, making sure it looked neat and the floo here hadn’t disrupted it!
Patrick looked up he noticed a girl that he swore he recognized the girl smoothing her hair from Hogwarts. But he wasn’t exactly sure how to ask if she did indeed goes to Hogwarts.

He looked up again mouth slightly open trying to figure out the best way to ask. Finally deciding that directly was the only way to actually ask. He stood, ”uh, excuse me. You go to Hogwarts don’t you...?” wow he was so smooth. He thought he recognized her as one of his classmates who was in his year...but now felt as if he was all wrong
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