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Default Am I allowed to play the creatures?
Stay Free

Caleb was glad that he was allowed to bring his own food. So he walked in, careful not to step on any creature's feet and got himself a table. He gave himself a minute to take in the atmosphere. Being a new employee, and never bothering to go down to the ministry otherwise before, this was all new to him. He saw various snall creatures. Caleb blinked when he felt a creature by his leg. He looked down to see a niffler sniffing his pant leg.
"Hey little guy," Caleb smiled and clicked his tongue to get the niffler's attention. Caleb put a handful of knuts in a small bag and shook it a bit. The niffler crawled to his lap and took the bag of coins. Caleb smiled and scratched it's head.
"You're cute, I like you," he smiled and offered the niffler a piece of his ham and cheese sandwhich.
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