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He watched in awe as she quickly took her wand and got on her broom in one swoop. As he watched his focus left his own magic and his hand and feet slipped. Hanging on with one hand he tried to focus again to get himself back attached to the building. Once he finally got his hand back in position he looked at her with a smile trying to seem calm.

"I can try" He was never getting on the broom like she did and he was going to embarrass himself. For the first time this evening he was over the dating service putting them on a ministry building. The dating lady must have liked giving out death wishes to her clients.

As for the family stuff, he listened as he made his way, very carefully, to her broom. Merlin did he look like a wimp compared to her. "I bet smaller families can be nice too, you don't have to have problems remembering everyone's birthday." That was the hardest part with a big family, for him at least.

"The author is from Spain, it's a very good read."
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