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Originally Posted by Lislchen View Post
Olly was still a bit........wary of this new place.

Was this really something the Ministry needed? Would it actually help anyone? Did it mean that random employees would just be crowding up their level now? What if they found their breakroom or distracted their employees from getting actual work done? Maybe her and James should make a quick announcement that it was OKAY to tell people to shut it if they were being too loud, playing with the kneazles or getting too excited over the orchid that had survived yet another 72 hours.

Hopefully nobody was in here.

Holding two potted plants - or what was left of them - Olly stepped into their former storage room and...found herself looking at one of James' employees. Alright. At least it wasn't anyone from another level. "Hello. Don't mind me." He could just go back to....whatever it was that he was doing. Fawning over that crup.
Sure, Theophilus had dedicated his entire life to working with creatures but he couldn't quite remember if pickle was bad for them or not. Was he about to be the cause of an epidemic because he wanted to share his delicious sandwich? The thought and worry was gone as soon as it had came because his ear was being licked again and he couldn't help but laugh louder than he had been. "Mate. MaAAAATE. You're gonna get to me brain at this rate!"


"That rhymed! You're makin' me a poet!"

And he was no longer alone, so Theophilus raised his hand and waved with a grin. "Not minding at all! Just pickling with a pal!"

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