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Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Bringing your own lunch wasn’t something Laurel liked to do on a daily basis but as long as the food court was closed for investigation she would be forced to. This nice café though with plants and pets could become her new favourite place outside the mysteries department.

As Laurel kept reading and drinking her tea a kneazle cautiously crept closer to where she sat until it braved nuzzling up against her leg for a pet. Putting one hand in her book to not loose where she was she bended to stroke the kneazle on the head. As she straightened up Jordan walked in. Smiling up at him she "Hi Jordan! No, of course not, have a seat." She said as she gestured at the vacant seats around her. "How are things Jordan?"
Jordan flashed a grin and joined his former co-worker and took a seat. "It's not that usual I've seen you around this floor." Well, this cafe was located on the level four and didn't she work for Department of Mystery now? Not many unspeakables hanging out around here, if Jordan wasn't mistaken. "Oh, things are good. I'm mostly working here but still manage some time for doing other things too." Including traveling and now having a side project with his former university mate.

"Anyway, how about you?" He asked Laurel while unwrapping his lunch. Four slices of tuna mayo sandwiches for today's menu because he had a little time to cook a better meal, don't bother him.
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