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Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Laurel was on a wander around the ministry floors on her lunch break to clear her head when she came across the Pet's and Plant's Cafe on the fourth floor. She and Aaron didn't need to adopt a homeless pet right now. Unless of course she got super attached to one of them but maybe a nice plant would be good, the one they had on the kitchen table had looked a little sickly lately.

Making herself a cup of tea with some added honey, Laurel walked a few steps over to one of the vacant tables and took at seat, and pulled out a romance novel. It was some time before she needed to back in Mysteries and work with prophecies again.
Since the food court was still closed for investigation, Jordan mostly bring his own lunch (and coffee) to work including for today. He had known about this place because it's on the same floor as his department and he did enjoy it, this was one of the good new things happened on this floor and not to mention the idea of adopting a pet or plant was brilliant. He had been thinking to get another puppy so Big Boss could have a buddy at home but hmm... Let's see.

Grabbing his lunch box and coffee flask, the 39 year-old walked in to the cafe once the lunch break time had come. "Laurel." He smiled at the blonde woman who was just sitting alone there. "Mind if I join?"
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