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Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
This was interesting. A date at the ministry, not what Victor would have ever though would be considered a cool date, but he was willing to give anything a try. Getting to the ministry with his small camera bag he looked around. First seeing the equipment and then seeing the lady standing there waiting for him, was he late? He sure hoped he wasn't.

"Hello, so this is our date this evening." A typical La Garza grin crossing his face. She was very pretty and he was feeling a bit nervous about what the things near the building meant. "I'm Victor" Introductions were probably something that he should have done first, but he was to fixed on the date itself.

Ami took her time reading the note detailing what this date would entail, until she heard a gentleman's voice near her. Pulling down the hood of her coat she nodded in his direction. "Hi. Yeah this seems to be it. Well up there actually." Her voice was light as a feather and soft. She pointed towards the roof of the building where everyhing was set up for their evening. "Pleasure to meet you, I'm Amidala." Ami curled her lip into a small lopsided smile and extended her hand to greet him. Though her serious demeanor tend to fool people, she was very pleased to be here and ready to kick things off!

"So here it says we have a few options to get roof." Also gesturing to the equipment neatly placed down for them. "I'm an avid flyer, but stairs or lifts will do too." Ami enjoyed flying on a broom from time to time, she excelled in that department. "So what will it be Victor?" The red head said, almost challenging him with her daring deep blue eyes and flick from an eyebrow, in a lighthearted way.
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