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Lumi Kolzer
Third Year

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Odaline Buchanan

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formerly: Eliora Dodderidge
Accidents & Catastrophes

Ministry RPG Name:
formerly: Theophilus Darcy
Magical Creatures

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∞ 17 | RP entrepreneur | defies gravity | Miss George is flawless | blanket burrito lyfe

Bring his own food? CHECK.

Personalised 'I'm a Darcy boy in a Darcy world' mug full of peppermint tea? CHECK.

But Theophilus had left his sandwich on the table and was sat underneath it giving attention to cute crup that had come over to him. This place was AWEESOME. SO FUN. MUCH FUN. HOOTS. HOOOOOOOOOTS. "Ahhh little mite, that's m'ear mate. Don't oh hOoOHEHUuhhuuh. No not my ear. I was gon' share my cheese 'n pickle sandwich with you."

So supe dupe ticklish. OoHHJHUUUUhhooHOOT.

It's cool, I'm just teaching full time and doing a three year degree in one year.
I'll be back. Forever in need of a cheerleader though.
Stay safe, faves.
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