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32. Peskipiksi Pesternomi

The Cornish Pixies in her father’s possession had somehow managed to escape their cage and were now terrorising the Watson House. Many of the items had been smashed or ripped but they could be fixed later. At present, Rachel and her mother, Mae, were taking cover under the dining table.

“What your father was thinking when he agreed to hold these things for his friend...’’ Mae whispered, her blond hair disheveled.

Despite the situation, twenty-year-old Rachel giggled. “Daddy wasn’t thinking at all, mommy. But we can’t keep cowering here. We need to do something.’’ Without a further word, she ducked out from under the table. “Peskipiksi Persternomi!’’

This spell had better work but if it didn’t, there were others Rachel was ready to try.

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