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Default Headmaster Trent, Kaira and Jackson and everyone else here!

Walking into the classroom was strange but then again, wasn’t everything in Hogwarts? With the moon bright behind the ominous clouds, Ewan couldn’t help but smile slightly at the classroom. Night time was both one of his favourite and least favourite things although the clouds did spoil what he liked about the night.

“Hello Headmaster Trent, How are you this morning? Or uh…evening?”
he smiled at the headmaster now, genuine and rather excited for the lesson ahead. “I can’t wait to get started today” Ewan continued, rather tentatively now, which may or may not have something to do with the previous headmaster.

Walking further into the classroom now, Ewan spotted some other students. “Hey Kaira, ready for your first lesson?” smiling at the first year now, he couldn’t help be excited for her. This was her first lesson!

Turning to face the other Ravenclaw now, Ewan gave a smile and a wave “Hey Jackson, how was your summer?” Hopefully his fellow Ravenclaw had had a great summer and forgotten all about the last school year.
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