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Text Cut: Daisy
Originally Posted by Ginevra View Post
Daisy was a bit stunned as Archer made her way over. Her fellow Sixth Year was wearing her actual uniform?! "Hey, Archer. Will any of your fashions from last year be making a comeback?" she enquired with a grin. She wasn't teasing the girl. Just simply curious.

See, her dormmate got it. "Nope, not unless they need to...." she replied with a smile. Man, that had been a lot of trouble, but it had been worth it if it had made the dictator and his cronies' lives even half the hell they had made theirs.

Text Cut: Bel
Originally Posted by Tegz View Post

"Bonza, you're a local then!" Scotland and all. Even if he was from the other side of the country, it was still local enough in Bel's eyes. She'd been about to answer his question when he hit her with the nevermind and Bel just grinned, "Nah? Its all good. I'm sixth year this year." Why wouldn't she answer that? It was a normal kind of question wasn't it? As if to prove it, she added, "How about you?"

Another new 'puff! Bel clapped the sorting and then when the kid sat down she offered him a big cheerful grin and a wave. Was he okay? He looked a little bit... not so okay.

"Hello! Great to have you with us! I'm Bel."

"Well that's good that ya do, because you are! Welcome that is. Don't mean to interrupt your reading if that's what you'd rather do though! But you do only get one first ever feast at Hogwarts." Bel said with her usual casually friendly ease.

Bel offered Penny a cheerful and welcoming smile and fingerwave herself, but she wasn't about to put any pressure on the girl to try and join in or anything like that if she didn't want to- she was here and that was good enough!

"Hey Daisy!" Obviously Bel would greet her dormmate, though she had seen her on the train. They'd be able to catch up later in the dorm - after Daisy did all her prefect-y things and all that.

SPOILER!!: Archer

"G'day Archer!" Bel said when the younger girl sat down, and then she chuckled at her little joke. True enough about the quiet ones! "I like the quiet ones." Bel offered to the table in general. Well you had to have a balance didn't ya? Not that she was loud herself exactly, but she never had any issues speaking up in social situations that was for sure.

Now, where was D? Bel looked around to see if she could spot Derfael arriving yet. She was saving him a spot.

"They do add a certain variety to life." Afterall, not everyone in the world needed to be loud. That might get annoying after awhile. Not that she was calling herself annoying or anything.

Text Cut: Penny
Originally Posted by Erindipity View Post
Penny did notice the prefect, Daisy, sit near her and offer a warm sort of smile. That was nice of her, really. Penny wasn't exactly the type to make idle chit chat, but she figured WHAT THE HECK. It was, after all, the start of a new term... which could mean that she could start behaving differently. Maybe.

Not likely.

Her brother had given her something of a lecture before leaving the platform that morning. Droning on about how she needed to break out of her shell and make more friends. Which was easy for him to say, wannit? He never had any problems making friends or talking to people. Or ya know.. not being an awkward mess of a human being lacking all discernible social skills.


OH! Daisy had waved at her... and she was going to talk to her, wasn't she?

See how carried away her brain got sometimes?

"How are'ye, Daisy? Nice summah, then?" she asked in a sweet voice, albeit quiet. Which then brought her attention to the girl who has just taken a seat (Archer). That was kind of rude, wasn't it? Penny gave the slightest frown before turning her head away quickly. All thoughts of having conversations was quickly dissipating. Her discomfort was palpable, likely.

And as she turned her head she caught the smile and fingerwave from the Quidditch Captain. Well... she was awfully cheerful wasn't she? And pretty much speaking to everyone. What that must be like! To be a social butterfly in any situation.

Ugh. Penny ALMOST envied her that. Although, it all seemed like it would be pretty stressful, really. Having to always know what to say and when to say it. No thank you. She did, however, give her a small nod, a smile touching her lips. How did people do this? This social thing. It was exhausting.

And not that Penny didn't like people, don't get it twisted... she just wasn't equipped to deal with this. Nope. Oh MERLIN. Where was Benji? Or her sister? Or anyone that might distract everyone from the obvious meltdown that the fifth year was about to have.

Now, what exactly had she done to deserve that look? She had simply sat down and greeted everyone. Maybe the girl simply didn't get her joke? Or understand that she had been joking? Either way, Archer sent her an exaggerated wriggle of her fingers as a wave.

It was then that she noticed the cute little pink creature that was rooming around the table and gave it a little pat on its head with an "Aw!".

Text Cut: Derf
Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Thankfully the discombobulation about not helping with the first year boats like he was used to had not lasted TOO long - about the walk from the dock back to Hogsmeade station had done it mostly. Taking the other fork in the road leading to the carriages, things had been smooth sailing until he spotted a rather peculiar looking toad hopping its way along the walls of the castle. Peculiar in seemed lost. It was a behavioral state, really. So while his fellow prefects and Chloe manned up the rest of the student body - and the new groundskeeper the first years, of course - Derf trudged off on a bit of a misadventure of his own and would explain the muddied state of his shoes and trouser bottoms.

BUT, he had the toad. Just he was a hair behind schedule but had not missed the speech so he wasn't all THAT behind. Just, you know, leaving a track of mud in his wake. But he was being mindful enough to apply cleaning charms (thanks Simon) behind him while he walked so those would not remain. And he would tend to his on appearance once he sat down. Being covered in mud was normal for the Hufflepuff and he, well, he didn't really think must of it.

Oh hey! Bel was saving him a seat like she had mentioned she would before the meeting in the prefect compartment had adjured. Ace. He offered a small appreciative smile as he approached.

"Evening Hufflepuffs!" Derf greeted cheerfully as he slipped into his seat, making sure he made eye contact with everyone - it was really nice to see everyone back and, well, looking mostly refreshed from what he could tell. "Anyone know anyone who happened to loose a toad?" And eh lifted his hands, caked in mud, up to display the amphibian who then let out a rather robust CROOOOOOOOOAK.

"Hey, Derf!" Nope, no toad loss here. She personally wasn't much of a toad person. Luckily, a Gryffindor started calling about a missing toad about that time and Derf went to take it over there.

It was about that time that Archer had an idea. "Hey, we should totally name that little pink creature Babou!" she exclaimed loudly. Everyone knew what she talking about, right? After all, who could miss a cute little creature running around on the table? She poured herself some of as-yet-unknown-to-her doctored pumpkin juice and took a sip while looking for little Babou. "Hey, where'd the little guy-"

Text Cut: Matthew
Originally Posted by QueenGinger View Post

Matthew had momentarily forgotten about Mary sitting beside him. He was enthused with The Pink Thing before him. He smiled when The Pink Thing nuzzled his outstretched finger. Matthew laughed freely when The Pink Thing...giggled?! "Bel, do you know what this thing is?" He asked without taking his eyes off The Pink Thing. His voice was quiet amid the chaos going on around them.

The Pink Thing began to move from plate to plate and Matthew retracted his hand and placed it on the table beside his plate. He watched as The Pink Thing continued to move around. What is The Pink Thing doing? He mused to himself.

Matthew turned around to see who was talking to him, apparently this student had some sort of leadership position with how he gave instructions about The Pink Thing. "Oh, uh. The Pink Thing isn't mine." Matthew explained. "It just, appeared." He added on with a smile. Surely, things like this happen around here... Matthew thought to himself.

His eyes snapped back to Bel sitting across the table. "I've never been to Australia." Matthew mused. "Only place I've been to other than 'round here has been Egypt." Matthew shrugged his shoulders. Egypt was where he was born and where he sometimes got to go to meet his parents if they weren't off doing whatever they did traveling the world. Egypt was the only place Yaya would agree to take him, something about the pyramids she especially loved.

Bel's encouragement with finding friends was welcomed. Matthew had been slightly worried about it in the weeks leading up to coming to Hogwarts. He only knew a small handful of people who went to school here, and he had yet to see any of them.

It was about that time that Archer found the little guy. But that wasn't ALL she found. Her now potion-addled mind saw the most handsome guy ever. She leaped over the table with all the agility her years as a chaser had afforded her into the guy's lap with a "Hiya, Matthew!" before giving him a kiss on the lips that most definitely WASN'T the kiss of life.
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