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Default Quiz About the Rules

Quiz About the Rules!

This is a game aimed to help you familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations here on Snitchseeker and is simply to play. First you must answer the question posed by the poster above you as complete as possible and in your own words. Then, you ask a new question for the next person to answer!
Rules & Guidelines for this thread:
  1. Before posting, please make sure you have read through the Newbie Process, Snitchseeker's Rules & FAQ, and perused the Site Resources forum.
  2. This is a game, if you don't understand something and/or have a real question, go to The Question Thread.
  3. Only ask site-related quiz questions, the thread is called 'Quiz about the RULES' not about Harry Potter or anything else after all. If you need to get an answer to a question, please ask it in the The Question Thread. .
  4. No spam. This means no posting off topic or posting multiple times in a row.

Now, I'll begin!

How many accounts is each member allowed to have?
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