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Originally Posted by siriusblackliveson View Post
He turned around after deciding on getting a chicken kebab. He was just about to head over to the vendor to pick one up when he heard a hey hollered in his general direction. He turned around quickly to see Anahera. He recognized her from the school, they hadn't hung out much but he had seen her around.

He smiled brightly like he often did to those he knew. It was a habit that he wasn't afraid of anymore. He had gained more confidence as he had grown into his height and his new teenage body. It was weird being almost 15. "Hey. Yeah I'm going to try and get a kebab." he smiled back, trying to see what she had gotten. "What'd you get?"

He peered over into her hands as he kept his hands in his pockets of his jeans arms flexing in the black t-shirt he had on. The most muggle outfit he could have on in Diagon Alley.
Using her hand's wrist to push her sunglasses on the top of her head without letting go of her fork, Anahera glanced back over to where the kebabs were being sold. "Good choice!" She nodded towards the respective vendor and started heading there, obviously expecting Patrick to follow. She was going to join him now.

Sorry not sorry.

"I'm eating a bubble waffle with chocolate sauce and strawberries." She tore off a piece of the waffle, dipped into the sauce and held it out to him. "Wanna try?" Because she had A LOT of waffle.
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