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Originally Posted by SarcasticStrawberry View Post

Phoenix was less interested in his ice cream, as more people came in. None of which he knew. They seemed to be old kids too. That drew him back to his ice cream that had already started to melt. It was probably a good thing that he wasn’t outside after all. The ice cream definitely would be melted by now.

Out of the corner of his eye he seen the door open up again, this time he finally seen someone he knew. Kam. He had to admit that seeing her bought a grin to his face. He had no idea why. Captain oblivious clearly. Maybe.They were friends? Not that Phe had that many but he did consider her a friend.

He waved over at her. Not seeming like he was overly excited to see her or was actually waiting on someone he knew to pop into the shop. He waited for a bit to walk over to see her. Really he was coming up with a reason to get up and walk over to her.

Realizing that he did in fact need a napkin. The melted ice cream was all over his hand. He got up and headed past her. ”Hey Kam. How’s your summer been so far?” With a grin, he waited for answer as he grabbed a napkin to wipe his hand.
Kam looked over as she thought she saw someone waving at her and she grinned as she saw Phoenix standing there, she waved back at him happily as she waited in line, her blue eyes sparkling a bit.

She considered him a friend and it was nice to see a familiar face around here! So far she hasn’t seen anyone she knew.

Her grin grew wider as he got up and walked past her and she pushed her hair behind her shoulders as she looked at him. “Hey Phoenix, it’s been all right actually, how about yours? Up to anything fun? ” She asked him as she scooted up in line just a bit.
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