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Originally Posted by Lissy Longbottom View Post
Nettie had gone shopping with her older brother Jimmy babysitting her the past two years, so she had never really had the option to get out and explore on her own. By explore, she obviously meant sample all the food.

That Cauldron Bread was practically CALLING her name as she headed down near the street vendors, her grumbling stomach definitely encouraging her to grab one. She picked one with chowder and sat down on a nearby bench, ready to dig in. Hmm, perhaps this would have been easier to eat at a table...should have thought this through a bit more...
He had some change to spare after hitting up a few essential shops - mostly inks and quills since he was always loosing them in the organized chaos that was his room - and an afternoon to himself until grandpa was finished with his work at the Ministry or if dad finished with his research and came to get him. Really though, Eiji was hoping for neither and enjoyed just being able to walk around with his own peace of mind and drown out all the other unnecessary noise.

Save for that of his stomach rumbling. The Leaky Cauldron was far too expensive and he had no sweet tooth that needed assuring, so to the vendors it was.

And he easily spotted Trinetta with the exact same thought in mind. "Which did you get?" And was it good? Worth the money?

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