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Originally Posted by MunchyBubbles View Post
Kamryn was wandering down by the fountain, she wasn’t getting too close mind you, lest she be spit at by a random water jet, and she wasn’t about to get her hair wet.

She sighed softly as she leaned against a random wall, the summer had been interesting, she was enjoying being home and being away from Hogwarts and all its rules, and she had been sleeping in every day! Which was amazing, but she felt a little lonely, she missed her friends, and her boyfriend.

She even missed Frankie as well, though for the life of her she couldn’t figure out why, one would think being rejected three times would get the point across.

And it did.

The end of the year had been much quieter for her, she had mainly stuck to herself and not gone out of her way to see other people. She blinked her blue eyes as she scanned the crowd, looking for anyone she knew.
Coming out of the writing supplies shop, Anahera slung her bag back onto her shoulder. She should have asked the shopkeeper to make the books she had bought earlier lighter. Should she go back in? Did they do that? Or maybe she could just ask her uncle. But then again, he probably had way better things to do than help her Hogwarts supplies shopping. It was fine though. She could do this. She was STRONG.

Sort of.

Maybe if she could just sit down for a moment, she-

"KAM!" Ooooh. Heavy bag all but forgotten (for the next few seconds anyway), Anahera ran over to meet her friend. "I didn't know you'd be here!" Obviously. But it also wasn't THAT uncommon to run into people from school here, she'd come to realize. Some she was more excited about seeing than others. Kamryn was definitely on the list of people she DID want to see though. "Hi!" Hello!
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