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Originally Posted by sarahlooo View Post
Well, look at that - they already had something in common. They liked to be early and get started on work. How nice.

January wasn't sure if she was making it up, but it almost seemed like Olly looked.. much more relaxed now. That was good. Though, she did wonder if asking her to tea had made her nervous. She certainly hoped not. Sometimes she forgot that she had a somewhat... important job title.

She laughed lightly at the comment about making friends. "I haven't really either, to be honest." But she had been quite busy as of late, working with all the other Department Heads and the Minister to get the entire Ministry reset and starting off on the right foot. "You're married, aren't you?" she asked, sipping her tea again. She thought she read that.
Olly had most definitely been anxious about the meeting.

She was alright now though. January seemed nice and like she genuinely just wanted to get to know her, Olly, a little better. Which....was nice, she supposed. It was what people did, wasn't it? Maybe she should invite all of her employees to her office one at a time for some chitchat? Was that expected of her?

She hoped not.

But so far she enjoyed January's company so it wasn't as much a chore as it was simply two people having tea together. And apparently neither of them were looking to make any new friends here at work. Olly gave her a small grin before taking another sip of her tea. "I am, yes." She nodded slowly. "Are you?" That was something she should probably know but somehow didn't.
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