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Originally Posted by Tazzie View Post
For some reason Owen couldn't keep still; his leg wouldn't stop bouncing up and down. He was sure it wasn't from hunger. Something work-related? Not quite. He was ahead of his tasks today. Was it this then, his lunch with Cassie? He honestly didn't pay it much heed the night before, nor when he was painstakingly cooking the dish she said she liked. But now, as he spotted the pretty redhead, he was...anxious. Maybe it was because she might not like his cooking?

Yeah, that was probably it.

Here she comes.

Owen rose from his seat and chuckled slightly at her greeting. "Is it?" He humored her, his trademark grin in place. "Would it be so unexpected if I ask you to have lunch with me too? I have fish and chips."

Good. His nerves were easing.
If she noticed his nerves, she gave no reaction to it. Her own awkwardness about it still there but seemingly manageable. Lunch was nothing. A simple meet up between fellow ministry workers and former Hogwarts students that went to school around the same time. No biggie.

No biggie at all.

Certainly, the gentleman…Owen rising from his seat to greet her. The laughter letting her know that her icebreaker had been well received. “Indeed…” she said, answering his almost rhetoric question. As for his question about joining him… “Well I just so happen to like fish and chips.” Cassie adding her own smile as she took a seat across from him at the table.
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