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Originally Posted by Sangeetha View Post
Laila Parker wandered across the zoo with her sister Kaira. It had been a while since she had applied to the Ministry, she hadn't received any response. Furrowed eyebrows showing her worried head, she looked lovingly at her sister as she studied the magical creatures with so much awe, the innocence of the eleven year old shining in her hazel-brown eyes.

The eleven year old gaped in awe at the magic creatures. This sure was a treat. 'Wow, Laila,' she said, looking at her much older sister. 'We should come here with grandmom and granddad some day. They'll flip,' she said, giggling mischievously, as she thought of her mother's not-so-magic-tolerant muggle parents

It had been a stressful Gobstones practice. With the Hereford Hippogriffs having somewhat of a downward spiral in terms of winning their matches, his team members might be on edge. So far, Aditya Atreyu-Rehman was holding it together but just. To ease his mind, he wandered to the Scamander Zoo, one of his favourite places. Creatures made him happy but as he looked at the creatures with happy eyes, he couldn't help but miss his husband and son. It would have been even better if he had come along. Yep, his family was definitely a verity of happiness for him.

Just as Adi was about to turn to head back out, he spied two ladies- a big one and a little one. The young man grinned to himself. The little one had it right, it was best to have family here while exploring. "You bet they will,'' he said with that signature, friendly grin. "They'll love it!''
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