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Hanna obeyed and took a seat, feeling like a bit of an idiot for not preparing her things as she waited. Obviously she didn't need to be seated for that. She did so as quick and efficiently as she could, first setting up her potions equipment, then her writing equipment. Hanna looked down at her own currently in use shoes and saw that whilst they never would have needed a polish, things had certainly changed. There were very small scuff marks, and she was sure it was only a matter of time before the male, yes, all male, army lined them up and inspected their uniform from head to toe with a magnifying charm.

She didn't actually own shoe polish, nor had she ever used it, so she had no idea what was in it. Rather than making up a taradiddle, she brainstormed. Well something shiny, probably. And because her shoes were black... maybe something black? She raised her hand, after hearing suggestions of what she figured would be either core ingredients, or shine-makers. "We polish our shoes to make them look... new. And something black to give the big scuffs a cover up? Like... octopus ink?"

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