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Were these people mad? Lynley didn't think Nickels had two brain cells to rub together to catch any sort of hints that he should step down. And as for...doing what was good for his country, she frankly did not think Morgan cared. He was a despicable man with no integrity or grit. If it were not illegal, Lynley would have considered blackmail.

Maybe she still was >.>

"We could tell him that if he doesn't step down...he'll be fired. Now this might sound like a SILLY question but who fires the...head of the country?" she asked briskly. "Do we all have the say in that?" It had been a long time since it was necessary to take such serious actions against someone with such power. "Do we know how the people feel about him? Does anyone like him?" she asked out of curiosity. She wanted to know if they'd face any backlash for such a decisions and what preparations to make for all...that.
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