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Conley walked into the room wearing his best suite coat, but no tie. He hadn’t planned on having any meetings today and hadn’t bothered to put one on. He really should think about keeping one in his desk drawer, just in case.

Under his arm were a few scrolls of parchment, sealed with various colors of wax, all stamped with seals from different countries – allies of the ministry that had sent in complaints or signed and dated testimonies from his ambassadors who had felt it was safer to bring their countries’ concerns to the ministry in person. Sachin had been the first, but he hadn’t been the last to bring his concerns and the concerns of his nation (India) forward. Conley set the scrolls down on the table, then moved to pulled out a chair.

”Miss Bones,” Conley said in greeting as he sat himself down. “You look lovely today,” He said in greeting. It wasn’t a suck up comment – merely a pleasant observation. Perhaps it was the pending impeachment procedures that brought out a twinkle in her eye. Conley thought that she certainly looked less stressed and definitely more determined than usual. But then, Conley had only known Ms. Bones while Nickels had been in power and Nickels was enough for anyone to want to take a permanent vacation to St. Mungos.
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