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14. Glisseo

ôSlide, daddy! Slide!''

"She wants the stairs to be turned into a slide again,''
May told her husband with a laugh.

Phil too laughed. "The Princess's wish is my command. Glisseo.''

The five year old at his side giggled and clapped her hands. "Let's go down!''

"After you, young lady.''

With another giggle, the girl with the pigtails sat on the 'slide'. "Bye, daddy!'' she said and a second later she was whooshing down. There were loud and excited giggles and shouts of delight from her as she went along, fastly approaching the end when her mother stood.

"Catch me, mommy!''

May did exactly that, scooping her beloved daughter into her arms and lifting her up.

"That was fun!''

"That's evident from the look on your face, Princess.'' Phil had now joined them after reverting the stairs. He kissed Rachel on the cheek.

He loved her so much.
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