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Originally Posted by Ginevra View Post
Daisy entered The Great Hall and headed over to her house table. It had been a rather interesting year for the Second Year and she hoped that what she went through wasn't going to repeat itself in the future. She sat down at the table, smiling at Scarlett and Emma.

"Hello there. Do you two have any plans for the Summer?" Daisy enquired as she helped herself to some pumpkin juice.
Looking up as Daisy entered she gave her a smile. She was grateful shed been asked a question. Or at least her and the other girl anyway. I dont really have plans. Im sure mum and dad will keep me busy though. Chores....and hopefully time in the air on her broomstick too? She could always hope for that anyway.

How about yourself? She asked tilting her head a little towards her and looking towards Scarlett too.
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