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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

"Is it because they think you're weird?''
Jer questioned with mild interest. "Plus they've seen you with a snake too?'' There might be some that weren't put off by the whole snake thing and might actually like the dude.

"Yeah, I guess that would explain it.'' He looked towards the groups playing Quodpot. "So you don't know to play at all?'' Not that he was going to get taught the game by Jer. He didn't have the slightest amount of time to do that.
He was completely confused by Jer, He couldn't figure out whether he was teasing or being nice. "Likely it is just that I'm strange." although not always did that cause people to stay away from him, one girl was constantly taking his books, and she still hadn't given back his Encyclopedia of the Unusual and Possibly Hazardous.

"Well I'v seen enough of it to know that the ball explodes, but other than that I have no clue." once again he felt silly for saying it out loud.
Humans are one of the strangest things imaginable.
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