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Originally Posted by UndeadRising View Post
Was it her, or did the Muggle Studies Professor seem off? Perhaps that might have explained her use of the magical entity to prank them one-sidedly in a class about muggles? Or her lack of better judgment when it came to fair exercise of a muggle sport?

Skylar had it all worked out in her head what she was going to say, when she would say it. And yet, when the woman greeted her and asked that question, is something on your mind, the fifth year just felt at breaking point. WELL YES, SOMETHING WAS ON HER MIND. She didn't just approach the staff dais without reason; she wasn't the type to go sitting in the chairs of her professors, or even VISITING professors, unless she had a reason. As it were, she could count on one hand the amount of times she'd visited professors in their offices. So yes, yes, Stewart, there was something on her mind. She was the worst combination of irritated and exhausted.

"Muggle studies today was not fair. You, yourself, had said to have an open mind and to try to enjoy muggle sports and maybe I'd change my mind? Well, guess what?" Skylar was speaking surprisingly level-headed. "I didn't change my mind, because you designed a game of dodgeball which was NOT indicative of muggle dodgeball at all. Getting water balloons thrown at us by a magical entity that we couldn't even throw back? How was that supposed to make us appreciative of muggle sports? All I wanted was a fair game. I wanted to give muggle sports a shot, just like you said, keep an open mind. But then, you had to say no, i didn't follow the rules. I didn't follow YOUR rules, which were completely closed minded and absurd. And you called me, closed minded?" Okay she was done.

"That's all. I just wanted to let you know, so in case you don't see me signed up for your class next year, it's not for lack of interest." It's because Kaysha Stewart was not the same as she used to be; something changed and Skylar wasn't exactly sure what or why...

Ah, yes.

Kay had been expecting some sort of rant from Sky and was prepared for it. She listened to every word, not once interrupting. On a regular day, she would have been sad and disheartened but it seemed that nothing else could bother her. She didn't have the heart to carry anymore feelings. Not that she didn't value Sky's feedback.

"Thank you, Ms Diggory. I designed that game differently from the real game, yes. But the main component was there- to actually dodge the balloons. I added in the pink stains as a way of keeping everyone in the fun instead of being eliminated as in the real games. I'll admit, Peeves was supposed to be visible but being a Poltergeist... That was my own fault for trusting him.'' Again, it impacted her on how trusting she was. She really didn't know how and why that trait hadn't been her downfall as yet.

"I'm sorry that you didn't enjoy what I had planned but contrary to what you have said, I never called you close minded. I was merely encouraging you not to be that way, not because you 'are' as you suggested but because you should never be that way.'' Kay would hate to loose a student because of this. "It's fine to blame me but it's not necessary to drop the subject due to one lesson that you deemed unfair when other lessons have not been that way.'' There had never been any other complaints as far as she could remember and certainly none from Skylar.
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