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Originally Posted by UndeadLeader19 View Post

What the-?

The snake had apparently just woken up, yawned and curled back up. Jer's eyes travelled back up to the weirdo who owned the snake. "Are you sure it's not pretending to be asleep then it'll pounce on me when I least expect it?'' he asked quizzically and rather skeptically. "Oh yeah. That would be swell.'' Now he could polish off his hot dog in peace.

"Well, it's nice-ish to meet you strange Neasig.'' Even down to the kid's name was weird. "I'm Jeremy. Or Jer. You play?'' He gestured at the others playing Quodpot.
"not exactly, although you could probably teach me." he knew he sounded silly saying he didn't know how to play, he had spent six years at Ilvermorny where almost the only thing people talked about was Qoudpot.

He tried to think up a conversation starter, but the only thing that he could think of was topalogy, and he doubted Jer was a maths person. He started rummaging around Jer's mind. He opened his mouth to ask how Sam was doing, then realized that would make him sound like he was stalking her. He just dicided just to stay quiet and let Jer talk.
Humans are one of the strangest things imaginable.
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