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Patrick had been walking around the courtyard before he began to walk along the wooden bridge. His parents had told him stories of when they were there. Sometimes they would set off fireworks, or do other things when they were out on the bridge. His parents had always made it seem like a fun place to hangout since they had such fond memories of it. When he was feeling the slightest bit like he missed them he would come out to the bridge to feel closer to them.

As he meandered down the bridge he looked up to see a girl, he recognized her from the common room when they had to sleep here because there dorms had been ransacked. He walked up to her slowly trying not to scare her. "Uh hi, I don't think we've met yet?" His southern accent was sliding in as his nerves got the best of him. His nerves were showing their head because he hadn't stood up for her when Flynn was making fun of her, but she had also looked like she had it handled. "I'm Patrick, I think we saw each other in the common room the other day."
The first year lowered her head so that her eyes were focused on the rocks beyond. In the distance she could see rolling hills and perfect green grass. Birds sang above as they flew through the ravine, possibly on the hunt for food. The air was crisp but it soothed her. She missed home, of course she did, but Hogwarts had been quite an experience for her. She wouldn't forget this in a hurry. She wanted to tell her friends back home all about the things she'd seen. Of course, there were certain things she would have to leave out. But so long as she was careful, she could share the wonderful views and magical grounds with them, right?

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of quiet footsteps approaching her. As they neared and a voice sounded, she turned her head to look at the person speaking. Ah, she recognized this boy. She'd laid eyes on him in the common room, when she was poorly attempting to defend herself. She smiled kindly at the boy. "No, we haven't. And hello to you too" she replied. She remembered wishing she'd had the nerve to speak to him in the common room, or on the several other occasions she was sure they had passed each other within the castle. This was a large building, of course, but they were in the same house. She was sure she'd seen him around the grounds before the sleepover.

Holly nodded as he spoke again. "We did, yes. That was quite an.... interesting evening to say the least". She held out her hand for him to shake. "I'm Holly, pleasure to make your acquaintance"
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