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Originally Posted by Suziella View Post
"Well, people that don't like it don't deserve it." Tristan said with a chuckle. "He will learn eventually. It just takes time and a lot of patience." He grinned and watched as the cruppy when jumping back over to Cami.

"He is very well behaved. You have done a great job. Some of the students need to take a leaf from your book of training a cruppy." He said with a wink and a smile. Though it was very true. Some of the crups were pretty out of control but for the most part they were well behaved and listened to him.

Tristan gave her a small smile. He didn't want to weigh anyone else down with his silly problems. They were in fact rather tedious. He was working through them as best as he could, even if that meant avoiding one of his best friends in the world and her new husband around the castle. "Oh, good! I am so glad she did. Salamanders can be really interesting to some and really boring to others, so I am glad she enjoyed it." He said with a grin. Help her? Did Emmeline's crup have Chizpurfles again? "How can I help you?" He always tried to help in anyway he could...creatures or not.
This was...true. Camilla laughed softly in agreement with Tristan. "I've been doing my best. He was getting really good with it over the summer but I suppose that's because I was with him all day everyday and there wasn't as many people around for him to get excited about." She knew how difficult training could be and really it was very much worth all the time and effort put into it to have a respectful pet that could be handled easily.

"Thank you, Tristan," she smiled continuing her petting of said cruppie's ears. "Ah, I'm sure most of the students are busy with lessons of they would be down here much more often." Though she knew for a fact that there were several students that came down to the barns at least once or twice daily to spend time with the creatures.

Camilla smile when Cypress finally laid down with his head on her lap just so she continued to pet him. "Well Emmeline really loves creatures so I'm sure that no matter what you're teaching them about if a creature is here to be worked with you have her full attention." As was the way with any student. If they were interested then that was all that mattered. "As I'm sure you know Emme loves all creatures. Especially Nifflers and she's been asking about having one of her own. What do you think about something like this? What would owning one entail?" Anything and everything she could find out now about this would be very helpful.
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