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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Sorry not sorry but Cami was most definitely laughing as Cypress showed Tristan loads of affection much like he had given to her just moments earlier. "I've been trying to keep him from licking peoples faces like that but he doesn't seem to care that they might not enjoy it." Personally she didn't mind in the least but not everyone felt the same way she did.

It was no surprise to her that the moment her cruppie was back on her lap that he would be licking at her face. Laughing she gave him a good petting to his head and ears just like he always enjoyed. "I'm just happy to hear that he doesn't give you a hard time or anything like that when you check up on him." It was always nice getting a good report about Cypress even if he tended to be a handful.

Camilla gave him a questioning look that basically said 'I won't ask but should you want to talk about it, I will listen'. Over the years she had become a very good listener to those around her. The very moment Tristan sat down Cypress took this as the way of him saying he wanted to play and went to get his rubber ball which he dropped on the mans lap. "I heard about that. Emme seemed to have enjoyed the lesson," she laughed. "She enjoys all lessons involving creatures. Speaking of which maybe you could help me with something?"

Emmeline had brought up something to her more than once and there was no better person to talk to about it than Tristan himself.
"Well, people that don't like it don't deserve it." Tristan said with a chuckle. "He will learn eventually. It just takes time and a lot of patience." He grinned and watched as the cruppy when jumping back over to Cami.

"He is very well behaved. You have done a great job. Some of the students need to take a leaf from your book of training a cruppy." He said with a wink and a smile. Though it was very true. Some of the crups were pretty out of control but for the most part they were well behaved and listened to him.

Tristan gave her a small smile. He didn't want to weigh anyone else down with his silly problems. They were in fact rather tedious. He was working through them as best as he could, even if that meant avoiding one of his best friends in the world and her new husband around the castle. "Oh, good! I am so glad she did. Salamanders can be really interesting to some and really boring to others, so I am glad she enjoyed it." He said with a grin. Help her? Did Emmeline's crup have Chizpurfles again? "How can I help you?" He always tried to help in anyway he could...creatures or not.

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