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Unfortunately, Noah could not be vigilant while he slept. It was something he always wanted to do but could never actually achieve. As he slept - or, rather, kept his eyes shut so he could think, really, really hard - he imagined that he would awake to the classroom still in chaos with Professor Model™ nowhere to be found. What he did not account for was to feel a thump on his lap.

The man stirred, briefly, and was ready to fall back asleep when he felt a sharp pain in his finger. His immediate thought was why the finger? but he expected that this was another part of the insanity that was Hirsch's failed lesson. Wincing, Noah jolted awake and looked down to see one of the demons biting him - since when did they allow children to bite adults??? surely Hogwarts was really going down in standards - and he shook the thing off of him. He barely glanced at his hand but did in fact pull out his wand and set the little demon on fire. He had no time for children biting him, and would feel no remorse if it died suddenly.

Noah surveyed the room, looking for the most guilty creature there and spotted one of them (Emmeline) who looked like she'd committed the most disturbing crime in the world. Deciding that the best way to reign in a wild animal was to teach it a lesson, the Irishman flicked his wand lazily and cast the Ensnarement Charm on her, and watched, with mild amusement as vines started wrapping around her. He looked over to see if the previous child - he really didn't believe it was a gnome - was still burning, and debated if he should put it out or just watch.

Obviously he opted for the second choice.
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