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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Just like the previous term, Camilla had made it a habit to get herself down to the infant barns everyday. With her own crup, Cypress that she had adopted from Tristan last term out there it was enough reason to make the trip. It was also where Emmeline's crup Sirius was. So not only did she check on her own fur baby but the pre-teens too, though she knew the girl did a good job in handling that on her own. She also liked spending a few minutes with the other creatures there as well when she had the time to do so.

Entering the barn, Cami greeted some of the babies on her way over to Cypress' kennel. Unlocking the door and stepping inside she was instantly greeted with happy yipping and tail-wagging from the crup in mention. Laughing she knelt down scooping him up into her arms giving him a good cuddle and petting. "Well good morning to you too," she smiled getting herself licked right in the face.

Seeing that her crup wasn't about to settle down the women found herself sitting down right there in the center of the kennel allowing him to get in his morning kisses and petting. She didn't mind it one bit as she was laughing and smiling the entire time.
Tristan had just finished up mucking the winged horses stalls, and decided to check on the babies. At least with magic the job was quick and clean. He was happy to say that there weren't as many abandoned or orphaned babies this term, which was why he wasn't doing that extra credit assignment this year. He was also happy to report that all the students that had adopted were all making sure their pets were taken care of.

Next year they would all be at maturity and he would have to make space at the big barn. Or...they would be able to keep them at home if they wanted. He just wanted to make sure they were well taken care of the first couple years of their lives. Though his students were very capable, they were also very busy and forgot to check on their pets sometimes.

Tristan was just about to check on the Kneazles when he heard a voice coming from further down the way. He walked towards the sounds of Cruppies barking, and found Cami. Smiling, he replied, "Fancy meeting you here! I see that Cypress missed you dearly!" It was always nice to see his co-workers outside of the castle. They needed breaks with their pets too.

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