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SPOILER!!: Derf and Maddie!
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Derf was too focused on trying to communicate with Picketta to really notice that they had been joined by anyone else...but the bowtruckle certainly took note. Her cute little leafy pigtails twitched and her adorable little chatterings of her teeth grew more rabid and menacing. At first Derf was clueless to her changes, wondering if perhaps he had said something wrong in his bowtruckle when he heard the words of one of his NEW housemates - Maddie Kemp if he remembered her Sorting correctly WHICH he was fairly certain he did.

"Picketta...stop that," he fussed at the bowtruckle as her long twigy fingers began to twitch and make movements towards the first year. Which only made the creature's clicks and chirps more vicious sounding. "Now that's just rude!" Sighing, Derf turned to look at Maddie properly. "Sorry about her...she is just...super protective of me. I'll try to make sure she doesn't lash out and attack you...but it would help if you took a step back..."

There was no real time to answer the Hufflepuff's questions as Emmeline appeared, bringing another bright smile to Derf's face. "Hey Emmeline. Hiya Sapphire," he greeted with a little finger wiggling at the creature. "Oh, this is Maddie," he nodded sagely.

And once again Picketta looked less than pleased at the appearance of yet another girl in close proximity to her Home Tree.
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Text Cut: Emmeline and Derf

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Soon enough, they were joined by another girl that looked about Maddie's age. She apparently knew this boy AND his pet bowtruckle. So Derf was his name, and the bowtruckle was Picketta! Or maybe...Picketta was his name, and the bowtruckle was Derf! Maddie had never heard either name, so it could really go either way here. She smiled at the girl and opened her mouth to tell her that her name is Maddie, but the boy beat her to it. "Yup, I'm Maddie! Nice to meet you, Emmeline," she said. Maddie could always meet new friends, since she currently only REALLY knew about...three people.

"You have a niffler," Maddie said, her jaw dropped in awe. Did everyone around here have a baby creature? Could she have one, too?! "Do you two know if any of the other babies don't have a student to watch after them?" Maddie wanted to adopted...fifty-six of them! "You both have such adorable pets!" Even if the bowtruckle looked like he might want to start a war with her. "It's okay," Maddie said with a shrug, as Derf apologized. She also now knew who was who--the boy was Derf, and the bowtruckle was Picketta! She turned around and looked around the nursery. She wanted an animal to call hers, too!
Picketta's protectiveness was super, super cute, but Emmeline was eyeing her sharp-ish fingers a bit wearily, and ended up taking a step back. She maybe wouldn't have if she'd been by herself, but she was still carrying Sapphire and didn't want to risk the baby getting attacked. She grinned as the baby niffler in question looked curiously at the two Hufflepuffs and made some of her snuffling noises. Maybe she was saying hi?

She gave Maddie another smile, which just grew and grew the more the other girl talked. Another person that liked creatures, yesss! Or at least, she seemed to like baby ones. The Gryffindor shook her head as Maddie started talking about Sapphire, though, and said: "Nooo, Sapphire isn't mine. I'm just playing with her today. I'm gonna maybe ask Professor Wayland if I can adopt her, though." She paused to take a breath and went on, "My baby creature is a male crup named Sirius, and his kennel is over there" -- she pointed towards the cruppy kennels -- "But he's all sleepy this early in the morning, mhm. And there are looooads of babies that don't have anyone. You just go to their areas and check their name tags. What's your faaaavorite kind of creature, Maddie?" She pointed out a sign posted near the bowtruckles' tree that listed all of the bowtruckles' names and had some student names under the ones that were adopted. Emmeline had a GOOD feeling about Maddie so far, mhm. And and, the second year was so excited that she was kind of saying all of this maybe too fast. But there was a first year who liked creatures! It was awesome!!
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