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Originally Posted by Yaya View Post
"The crickety crack sounds are perfect for when you read a book" she said, smirking as she showed Slate the book, Little Women it was.

She shrugged, "Same old, same old. Getting used to the routine again. And glad as well." It was odd how honest that was in that moment. "It was alright. Have a baby sister now..." She proudly said it.
Slate just nodded. He wouldn't be comforted at all by the sound of the ground potentially falling out from under him. Or the sound horror movies made when someone was nearby.

He looked around just to double check that they were safe.

They were, for the record, as far as he could tell.

"I prefer the routine, honestly." Or maybe he just preferred having somewhere to be. Either way, being back was nice. He watched her reaction before commenting. He knew that some people didn't like baby siblings. But she seemed to be excited about it. "What's her name?"
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