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Originally Posted by Anna Banana View Post
"AHHH!" Maddie called out, as she turned around to face the source of the sudden sound. She seriously needed to work on her battle skills, because had this been a dark wizard or something, she'd be toast. Instead of drawing her wand, Maddie had pulled a licorice stick out of her robe pockets and was now pointing it at her fellow firstie Hufflepuff. "Oh, bad! I guess I was too busy thinking about giant squids, battles, and Princess Knights!" she said, hopping off the barrel and sticking the licorice stick back into her pocket. "Of course I remember you! We're roommates!"

She gave her new friend a smile before thinking back to that licorice stick and deciding to eat it right here and now. She pulled it back out her pocket and peeled the packaging away. "Want some?" she asked. Just as she asked that, she heard footsteps approaching them and peered around to see a professor. "Hello, Professor!" she called out. Now...which one was she? Charms? No...History of Magic? Maddie thought so! "Want a licorice stick?!" Her mind was racing a million miles a minute, though. "OH, LOOK! I have something to show you two!" She hurried over to the best viewing area and pointed. "Look at that SQUID!"
Oh! She was being offered a treat. How sweet.

Rosalyn's smile grew and she nodded. "Yes, please." These students were all so sweet and polite and it warmed her heart. AND it seemed that they were happy to be at Hogwarts given their good mood and excitement. It really was easy to fall in love with the school despite all the crazy - and potentially dangerous - things that could happen. Fingers crossed that this term would go rather smoothly like last term had, minus the typical school drama that had been expected.

Heading over to get a better look at what they were being shown, she laughed. That squid ALWAYS interested the students. "That's Bartholomew Henry. It's a rather nice squid. He even talks to people." Though of course he didn't make appearances all the time; it made them more special in Rosalyn's opinion.
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