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Originally Posted by Erindipity View Post
Dora was more than a little eager to get started with her tutoring with the Headlady... so much so that the EXACT third day of school she found herself at the stone gargoyles. Having owled her about the Arabic lessons, she was even more stoked to get these things started.

Also, she wanted to talk to her about her experiences over the summer... both with the British Ministry, but also the ICW, and Japanese Ministry. It had been enlightening, exciting, and downright confusing when it was all over! Seeing as the woman had provided her with advice last term following the IMPS mess, she had grown to trust her. Enough to show up and ask the gargoyle to tell Regina that she was in the waiting area, anyway.

Perching in one of the chairs the seventh year took out a piece of parchment and began to jot some ideas down... and possibly some doodles in the margins. She had no idea how long it would take the busy woman to get to her or if she was even in her office at all. Heh.
Of course, with it being the third day of school, Regina hadn't made it customary for her to stow herself away in her office. The paper work was a very small pile and no one was disappearing or dying, so there really was no need for her to be there. She was making her rounds, from classroom to classroom, to briefly check in and see how everyone's first week was going.

Her heels clicked as she made her way down the corridor, past the suits of armour and toward the stone gargoyle that guarded the entrance to her office. From a distance the headmistress took note of the red on the robes of the figure that was sitting in one of her seats. The hair was a dead giveaway.

"Good evening, Miss Umbridge. I hope you haven't been here waiting on me too long," she said to the seventh year. There was the temptation to glance down at the girl's parchment to see just how long she had been there (as demonstrated by notes and doodles), but decided that wasn't important.

"I wasn't expecting a visit from you so soon," she added as the gargoyle, hearing the woman's voice, was stepping aside and exposing the staircase up to the office. "After you."

Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
Here she was in all her glory, the Headmistress' most favoritest student in all of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: Zoryn Amari Spinnet.

She had been meaning to meet with the Headmistress for quite some time, but there was never any time, which by the way, is why she decided to come so early in the year!! See, Zoryn should've honestly been a Ravenclaw she was oh so intelligent thinking ahead and such. Oh how lucky was Headmistress Hawthorne to have a pupil as bright as Zoryn Spinnet enrolled at her school.

Anyways, there was just one problem.

Getting up to the office... 'Cause it looked like it was guarded by a v unhappy gargoyle (no offense). Well seeing as there were really only three clear options here, Zoryn opted for the second. "Hello Mr. Gargoyle Sir, you are looking absolutely ravishing. Is that a new coat of pain you're wearing?" Was it working? Was the flattery working?

Zoryn hoped so.

"Now, if you'll just excuseeee me! I've got to have a chat with the Headmistress. I'm a VIP so you can just let me up."
Today was another one of those days when Regina wasn't staying cooped up inside of her office. No, today was primarily spent up in the Ancient Rooms Study, doing some last minute preparation for the week's lessons. In fact, it was that very room she was now coming from. Fortunately the narrow staircase connecting the fifth floor corridor to where her gargoyle was on the second floor made the trek quick.

Her steps down the corridor were quiet, having opted out on wearing heels for a change. As she grew closer toward the gargoyle and the unexpected visitor that was standing in front of it, she was able to overhear what the girl was saying. It resulted in her moving forward silently, unable to stop herself from her eyes.

Zoryn Spinnet was a very special Gryffindor indeed.

"I don't think flattery is going to get you very far with the gargoyle any time soon, Miss Spinnet," the woman said lightheartedly. "And I don't think it cares much about whether or not someone considers themselves a VIP. It just wants a simple password." Well, maybe simple wasn't the right word for it.

Regina shot the girl a smile. She wanted to see her? The headmistress had mixed feelings about that. "Anyway, now that I am here, to what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?" she asked as she made a gesture for the third year to climb the stairs.

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