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Default Regina/Zoe! <3

Dora was more than a little eager to get started with her tutoring with the Headlady... so much so that the EXACT third day of school she found herself at the stone gargoyles. Having owled her about the Arabic lessons, she was even more stoked to get these things started.

Also, she wanted to talk to her about her experiences over the summer... both with the British Ministry, but also the ICW, and Japanese Ministry. It had been enlightening, exciting, and downright confusing when it was all over! Seeing as the woman had provided her with advice last term following the IMPS mess, she had grown to trust her. Enough to show up and ask the gargoyle to tell Regina that she was in the waiting area, anyway.

Perching in one of the chairs the seventh year took out a piece of parchment and began to jot some ideas down... and possibly some doodles in the margins. She had no idea how long it would take the busy woman to get to her or if she was even in her office at all. Heh.
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