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Maddie was on an official tour of the castle, and HOLY MERLIN had she found a treasure way up on the sixth floor! It had been a long trek up from the basement where she now lived, but Maddie literally never ran out of energy and didn't mind at all. There was a GIANT SQUID bathing in the sunlight down below, and Maddie thought it was the coolest thing EVERRRR. Maddie made some definite plans to head down to the lake to see if she could get an even better view of that giant squid. She was SUPER INTERESTED to see what the life of a giant squid was like!

So what was this place anyway? Maddie was almost able to use her imagination to imagine a huge battle happening right here in this very location. She even stood on top of a wooden barrel to pretend she was a Princess Knight looking out over the land to protect the castle. This had to be one of the most interesting places in the whole castle! Nevermind the fact this was one of her first places to explore. It was too bad she hadn't made more friends, so she could bring them up here with her!
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