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39. Riddikulus

“In-incendio!’’ a terrified Rachel said. Her wand hand shook as she pointed the wand at her father being strangled by Devil’s Snare.

“Rach- Rachel. I can’t brea-’’

Breathe. Phil Watson could not breathe.

“I’m tr-trying, daddy! Incendio!’’

Even that didn’t work. Rachel thought that she didn’t see her father’s chest rise and fall anymore. Sobs emitted from her and she dropped her wand as she fell to her knees. Hands went on to cover her face. “I’m s-sorry, da-daddy.’’


The twenty five year old jumped to her feet and spun around. “Daddy!’’ For there was her father. But how? Phil rushed to his daughter, pulling his wand. “Riddikulus!’’ There was a loud crack and a dancing snargaluff appeared, its vines waving about. With another crack, it was gone.

“You’re okay, Princess. I'm okay,’’
Phil reassured as Rachel clung to him.
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