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19. Jelly Legs


The thirteen-year-old collapsed down on the stairs after struggling the stay upright. Her legs having gone all wobbly when the stone had started to move. Such a pain! Magical stairs were one thing, but did they really have to move all on their own and catch one randomly off guard?

“Haha!! The lassie fell down!” the annoying voice of the resident poltergeist teased as he swooped in to bother her further. Minerva swung her arms to block despite her inability to do Peeves any harm.

“Aye…” she remarked, “but that doesn’t make me yer prisoner.” The Gryffindor digging to retrieve her wand to take aim at the specter.

“Feisty one…eh?” Peeves cooed with a maniacal laugh, bouncing about in dare.

Red sparks answered him, chasing the poltergeist away.

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