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Text Cut: Rula
Originally Posted by AlwaysSnapesGirl View Post
Once she had finished copying down the notes on the differences between magicked and handmade food, Rula adjusted the beanie on her head - which was basically the extent of her costume for the class, other than the Hufflepuff scarf around her neck that she'd borrowed from Max. She had been pretty busy so far this term, so she'd sorta forgotten about Halloween costumes until the last minute, and once she'd found this random beanie in her trunk she bought probably years ago, it seemed good enough. And sure, real badgers didn't actually wear gold and black scarves, but it still got the point across, right?

Also it was another excuse to keep something else with her that reminded her of Max, so there was that too. Hehe.

Anyway, let's see...why was cooking with magic important? She raised her hand. "Because sometimes you might need to focus on a lot of things at once, like if you have a lot of children running around and you need to make sure they don't get hurt, but you also need to make lunch. You can use some spells to keep the meal going while also paying attention to them. Or also if you've just got a lot of stuff to cook. There's only so much you can do at once by hand, so it helps if you can do some of it with magic, while focusing on other food that's best made by hand." So overall, in her opinion, it really helped with multi-tasking, which was nice.

Miss Botros’s hand was the first one Gaston saw, and he called on the Slytherin (or should he say Hufflepuff?). He nodded approvingly as he listened to her explanation about focusing on multiple things at once. “Yes, very good, Miss Botros,” he said. “Magic can be a boon to those with too many responsibilities and too little time on their hands.”

Text Cut: Emmeline
Originally Posted by NifflerFan View Post
Emmeline beamed when Professor Marchand said he would teach her the summoning charm later. That spell would come in quite handy if her cruppy tried to escape the nursery and she couldn't catch him in time.

Back to Charms. Lots of information appeared on the board, and Emmeline raced to write it all down in her notes. She was scared that it would vanish again before she got all of it, but fortunately the professor was asking another question.

The obvious answer in Emmeline's mind was because cooking the slow way is hard. That wasn't likely to impress Professor Marchand, though. The first year wasn't sure why someone wouldn't cook with magic, so this question was doubly confusing. Raising her hand, she said quietly: "Because magicked food tastes better? It can't go bad, can it?" Would the magicked apples rot? Regardless, that was still a lame answer in Emmeline's opinion, so if the professor ignored her answer, she wouldn't be disappointed. Why was it that all the lessons she wanted to do well in she could never impress the professors?

Miss Sparkes’s beam did not go unnoticed and earned a beam in return from the professor. Her answer made him smile. It wasn’t an answer he’d expected, but the girl wasn’t wrong. “I suppose to some magicked food would taste better, Good point, Miss Sparkes!” he said. And a good question she posed too! “As a matter of fact, it can. All food spoils eventually, but the rate at which magicked food spoils depends on the type of food – a piece of fruit will spoil before something like a cake or cookie – and the spell used on it. For example, food produced with a duplication charm will spoil more quickly because a magically created copy degrades faster than its original counterpart. Summoned food spoils at its normal rate, as the magic used only changes the food’s location instead of its composition. Food made by magically combining ingredients generally spoils slower because the spells act as a sort of protective barrier. There’s also a preservation charm than can be placed on foods to give them a longer shelf life.”

Text Cut: Ace
Originally Posted by Steelsheen View Post
Ohhhhh did that mean... he had exemplary taste buds? The Curly Top grinned back. Hey he'll take that as an accomplishment booyea!

And they actually will be making a treat! Oh now this is really getting him going. Now why is it important to learn to cooking with magic? "Multitasking." firm nod. "Also sometimes its easier or more efficient to perform certain tasks with magic like separating the yolk from the whites...." Which is a very useful magical culinary technique.

Gaston nodded as Mr. Salander echoed some of what Miss Botros had said about multitasking and expanded upon it with a reason of his own. The example about separating egg whites earned him a smile. He had a point there! “Excellent, Mr. Salander,” he said. “And you’re right; that can be a particularly difficult task without magic.”

Text Cut: James
Originally Posted by Symphora View Post
James was quiet when the professor asked them a question at first, mainly because he was way too focused on observing and taste-test the apples. He distinguished the apples on the right and then, on the left. Hmm...he should know by simply waving his wand to reveal the fake one right? Good thing the professor told them the spell for it "Revelio Incantatem" as soon as he finished his observations. He thought maybe he should practice doing that spell with someone. James let his magic quill do the note taking before raising his hand to answer, "I agree, mostly to quicken the process and the preparation of the food. You don't have to wait ...for like an hour to bake some pastry." He found that incredibly amazing, he would never have to wait for a meal ever again. "I think chopping some vegetables using magic would be cool, or create a fire making spell "incendio" to cook."

Mr. Severin had been quiet so far but had an answer for this question. Gaston called on him as soon as he saw his hand go up and nodded approvingly as he repeated what some of his classmates had said. “No, waiting an hour for a pastry is never fun, is it?” he said with a slight smile. Then he listened to the boy’s examples of magic’s uses in cooking. “Good examples, Mr. Severin! It was safe to say the class wouldn’t be learning Incendio from a professor who was terrified of fire, but he was on the right track with his guess.

Text Cut: Mel
Originally Posted by Optimist.Prime View Post
Melbourne listened to the spells and charms that her classmates were bringing up…they all had really good ideas now didn’t they? She thought to herself as she grinned up at Professor Marchand. Yes, of course she was pleased that she had had a good observation about the air bubbles…who wouldn’t be pleased by being at least partially right in a classroom discussion?

No one, or at least that was what she thought.

”Professor,” she spoke after raising her hand, ”I think like most of my classmates are saying that spells for multitasking and ways to quicken the cooking process may be important but they likely aren’t the be-all-end all of magical cooking,” her voice was confident and timid at the same time as if she were almost speaking from experience. ”as someone that loves to bake and cook I know that often for me at least cleaning up in the end can be an issue…so say using a cleaning charm on utensils and products used while cooking such as zesters, whisks, and other such cooking implements would speed up the process.” she paused for a moment before glancing over toward James…waiting for a pastry ”or something simple like what James mentioned about waiting – you could have cooling charms for baked goods and maybe resting charms for meats so that they are the perfect temperature and have the perfect level of” shudder ”moistness when they are served and consumed” yeah sure she had been talkative but was that really a problem?

It would probably only really bother Olphaba and Roopunzel…or something like that, still, the girl loved to bake. That was after all her go to method for thinking things through. Needless to say the Gryffindor girl was going to be baking quite a lot this term.

Gaston saw Miss Sorin-Ward’s hand go up next and called on her. At first, he thought she was just going to repeat what had already been said, but he was pleasantly surprised when she offered a new reason. “An excellent point, Miss Sorin-Ward!” he said, smiling approvingly. “Cleanup does go much faster with magic.” Oh, and now she was giving examples of cooking spells. “Yes, there are charms used for just that.” But more on that later!

Text Cut: Stasya
Originally Posted by SilverTiger View Post
She hadn’t spoken up when it came to the question of which apple had been the magic one. Stasya hadn’t seen the point when everyone pretty much was just saying the same thing. Instead, she’d contented herself with the knowledge that Professor Marchand had felt the need to show her that in fact the hook wasn’t anything but a costume prop. That he felt the need to make sure she knew that. Plus there had been the distraction of Derf drumming with his apples next to her, but she’d managed to keep herself from asking if that helped. It wasn’t something she’d thought of when it had come to testing her apples after all, and others had done similar things. Maybe she’d been wrong. Except she’d come up with the same answer.

“Well, we’re magic,” she pointed out, raising her hand. “Learning spells to help ourselves cook makes sense. We could cook multiple things at once by charming things like spoons and stuff to stir for us while we’re focused on something else.” Multitasking, like Ace and Mel and some others had said. She hadn’t thought the magic apple had tasted much better, but Emmeline had made a good point too. Maybe magic food did taste different. Because it was magic.

Miss Dalgaard-Volkova also decided to speak up after being quiet so far. Good! Gaston was beginning to worry that she might’ve been confused or overwhelmed by all the new information. He smiled. “It sounds like you agree with the others about multitasking. Very good, Miss Dalgaard-Volkova!” he said. “And as a matter of fact, there is a spell to make spoons stir themselves.” Just maybe not one of the spells he’d planned to teach today…

Text Cut: Shay
Originally Posted by Daydreamer11 View Post
Shay listened as her classmates gave there predictions on which apple was magically made and most of them were correct. She copied the information that the professor had written on the board. Surprisingly, smell was not one of the major ways to differentiate between magic and non magic food. Shay wondered if she had an extra sensitive sense of smell because she definitely noticed a difference. The funny thing was that the real apple had the artificial smell to her. The magic apple, not so much.

Anyway, it was time for another question and after giving it some thought, Shay raised her hand. "I think using magic in the kitchen would be a great timesaver, especially if you had to cook large amounts of food." As for what types of spells would be useful, Shay continued. "Some useful spells might be........Incendio, Aguamenti, maybe spells to stir or mix and spells to duplicate or make more of what you've got."

And another student who’d mentioned using magic to save time. That was becoming a very popular answer! Gaston nodded in reply to Miss Morrison, and her examples of spells earned her an approving smile. “Yes, magic can prepare large meals in less than half the time it would take otherwise. Excellent, Miss Morrison,” he said. “And very good guesses! All of those spells would come in handy in the kitchen.”

Text Cut: Jessa
Originally Posted by DaniDiNardo View Post
Jessa took note of the spell the Professor had mentioned to Skylar, thinking it would certainly come in handy at some point later. A spell that revealed magic was the sort of thing she could get behind while doing her studies.

While she scribbled her little notes, Jessa was sure to pay keen attention to the Professor's next question. Something about cooking with magic? Why it was better?

"I guess because magic can be so precise if you get it right, there's less room for error....? And like Ace said, it helps with multi-tasking too. Kitchens can become super busy so it helps to have other hands around--even better when those extra hands are magic and less likely to mess things up in the recipe or during the actual cooking."

That was probably one of the reasons she'd ever cook with magic. Just seemed to make everything easier.

"Plus house elf food is amazing and I imagine it's been cooked with magic so there's another incentive right there." Jessa adored her father's cooking but there was just something about the way the elves did it.

Gaston had been wondering when someone was going to mention the precision of using magic, and he beamed at Miss Cambridge as she offered her answer. “Excellent, Miss Cambridge! I don’t think I could’ve said it better myself,” he said. “The added precision is one of the most common reasons some wizards prefer to cook with magic.” The comment about house elves’ food got a little smile from him. He’d only ever seen the elves cook by hand, but the girl was certainly right about one thing: their food was amazing!

Text Cut: Ava
Originally Posted by RandomRaven View Post
So magic did alter with the taste and scent. Hmmm...

Ava knew that there were some advantages by cooking with magic, it would be more efficient in time, less effort, and etc. But it would be... different, you know? The Gryffindor believed that preparing food in conventional way was more meaningful and could show how passionate the chef was when he/she prepared the cuisine. Yeah, she was being sentimental.

"I think it's important because cooking with magic can save time for preparing the food, especially when you're in hurry or you're about to have a feast." She gave an opinion as her hand was up in the air. "Some spells that are useful in daily life can be used in the kitchen too, like summoning charm when you need to reach the utensils or severing charm to chop the ingredients." Right.

Miss Burton’s hand was the next one the professor saw, and he called on her next. It seemed she agreed with what others had said about time-saving, but she’d offered some good points about the type of spells used. He nodded his approval. “Excellent example, Miss Burton,” he said. “The summoning charm is just one of our day-to-day spells that translates well to the kitchen.”

Text Cut: Etta
Originally Posted by Lady of Light View Post
Ooooooh. They were actually going to be cooking in class! How exciting. Etta knew next to nothing about food-related charms so to learn something entirely new was rather super exciting! She quickly noted down what was discussed before raising a hand to answer the professor's question.

"I think magic would help to manage different tasks at the same time, like the others mentioned. It would help with stirring, for example. Or it'll be a huge help and relief when you need to make large quantities of food in a short period of time. Basically.. magic makes cooking a hundred times easier."

Miss Kramer was the next to speak up. Her answer echoed much of what the others had already said but was no less correct. “Very good, Miss Kramer, the professor said with an approving nod. “And yes, magic would help with stirring.”

Text Cut: Rooney
Originally Posted by Shanners View Post
No, no. Rooney was not stumped by his apple issues. He was just overwhelmed with all of the information that he had brought together on his page and was realllllllllly thinking about sausage sandwiches now. Enough so that he had almost forgotten to keep his posture regal and was leaning right on over his desk like a slouching sloucher. Uh oh. He only straightened up when Professor Marchand started talking to them once again. Hmm.. Right. Softly, Roopunzel leaned his chin into his palm and listened to the answers given by his classmates. Good ideas, all of them. But he had his own theory..

"Efficiency, Sir. Anything to speed the process of cooking up, especially if it's multiple courses.. And maintaining heats and quality of food whilst the rest is being done. I've seen my Aunt cook a whole Christmas meal for the family in no time at ALL." He had been around seven at the time and performing a monologue for those in the house, but he was sure it had been no time at all. The books said it could be done, and so he assumed it could.

So it seemed Mr. Bronwyn had an answer to offer for this question, and a nicely worded answer it was! Gaston nodded. “A very eloquent answer, Mr. Bronwyn!” he said. “And correct, magic is especially useful when preparing multiple courses.” The comment about his aunt making Christmas dinner in no time got a slight smile form the professor. It sounded like the woman was a whiz at spells!

Text Cut: Olivia
Originally Posted by Watson View Post
A Halloween treat? Ooh boy! Olivia was looking forward to making a treat. What kind of Halloween treat would they be making though? That was the question she wanted an answer too. She was certain that they would find that out soon.

What would magic be useful for in regards to the preparation of food? Loads of things. Apart from multitasking, there were other applications too. Maintaining the heat of a mixture perfectly, cleaning (that was very important as Olivia hated doing the dishes- they were a necessary evil), and more. She raised her hand. "Magic can perhaps be used to ensure that liquids stay at the correct heat for longer. For example, if you finished creating a bolognese sauce for a pasta before the pasta started boiling, you would be able to perhaps cast a spell that could ensure that the dish retains its heat until you are ready to serve. As others have said, magic can also be used to multitask but it can also be used to clean dishes, pots, and pans very well. Perhaps it can clean them better than you can by hand." As Rooney had put it, magic made everything more efficient!

Gaston beamed at Miss Holden as she gave her answer. “Yes! Excellent example, Miss Holden,” he said. “Temperature control is a very important use of magic in the kitchen.” He may or may not have given the girl a knowing smile. There would be more on that soon.

Text Cut: ”Skylar”
Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
Astute answer? Skylar beamed nonetheless, because even though in this situation the Professor hadn't been trying to trick them, at least she'd been vigilant in it being a possibility. Somewhere down the line, someone might be trying to poison her, and because she knew spells to detect it, well she could avoid the poisoned food. She nodded when he explained there was a spell that could be used, but not a simple revelio, yet revelio incantatem. Once he was done with his demonstration, she wrote the spell down, along with a 'glows orange around magicked object'. She would be practicing that later, if they didn't get to practice to it during the lesson. It would make her more trusting of Professor's foods they liked to hand out during classes, if nothing else.

Copying down the differences between magicked and handmade foods, she listened to her peers as they came up with useful spells in the kitchen. Halloween treats? Honestly, Skylar wasn't very interested in creating a Halloween treat, but more interested in learning and mastering the revealing spell. Yes, learning to cook with magic was a time-saver, for sure. Multi-tasking. She was always in awe when watching her mother and sister and grandma and anyone else older cook. "Cleanup, as Olivia said. Cleaning up the kitchen when you're done cooking can sometimes be an all-day chore, so the fact that it could be done with simple motions and incantations to make those chores easier..." Plus impressive too, if you were trying to impress someone. "But in terms of the actual cooking process, well, it could be used, like you did so with these candied apples, to make them flawless with the melting of the candy and the even coating."

Miss Diggory’s beam was not unnoticed by the professor, and he smiled a little. So it seemed she agreed with what had been previously said about cleanup. And what she said about melting candy came very close to guessing one of the spells they’d be using today. “Very good, Miss Diggory,” he said. “Correct on all counts.”

Text Cut: ”Liv”
Originally Posted by Govoni View Post
Okay, but look... As someone with a mother who enjoyed cooking and doing all those sorts of things in the kitchen, Olivia was confused why people SHOULD learn to cook with magic. Shouldn't that be the other way around? Liv would think that learning to cook WITHOUT magic would be the more important task. Seeing as things can often times go wrong with magic, and it was important to have a backup plan. But perhaps she was putting too much logic to these things.

Heh. Or perhaps not.

"Sir, I think it should be the complete opposite." Let her explain! "Sure, magic makes things more convenient...and it's practical for the House Elves to use magic since they cater to hundreds of students. The logic behind that is sound, but for day to day meals, when you've moved into your adult life, and are preparing food for your family, I'd like to think that doing so without magic would be more fulfilling." Olivia had prepared a meal for Rooney before, when she'd planned their Beauty and the Beast date. She'd practiced making those dishes for months on her own to get them just right. That was love. "For cleanup purposes, sure. Magic would be wonderful, but for the actual process of cooking... I think the muggle approach would simply be....for lack of a better word, better."

Liv wasn't meaning to be long-winded, but she'd gotten fixated on this topic, and when that happened, she had to make her opinion heard. Gryffindor problems. Truly. "I think the only instance I'd use magic would be for slicing fruits and vegetables. That is a very time consuming task."

After she'd finished speaking, the Gryffindor turned to regard some of her classmates. The way they talked about using magic to prepare food... It was easy to see they'd never actually cooked a meal before. Liv would often watch her mother move around their kitchen, so graceful and sure of herself, that it was a sight to behold. Cooking made her happy, and not to be disrespectful or anything, but the use of magic felt like cheating. It reduced the art to something cheap and easily imitated. It took away every ounce of skill. Anyone could use magic. "I think it's important to do things without magic, just as much as with, sir. We shouldn't whip out wands out for every little thing, too."

Okay, okay... She was finished.

Blink, blink. Now that an answer Gaston hadn’t been expecting to hear! To say he was a little caught off guard by it would be a huge understatement, but still he replied calmly, “Noted. Thank you for sharing your opinion, Miss Phillips. Personally, I believe both methods of cooking are worth learning. There is a certain art to cooking by hand, but magic come in handy for those who lack the skill or the means to cook the traditional way. Say if you find yourself in a situation where you have food but no way to prepare it…”

Text Cut: ”Abey”
Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
Yesssss! Unique observation. That was good, Abey thought. Um... maybe? Yes. Let's go with yes. He was right, at any right, and that was what mattered, really.

Oh, Merlin, though... already with the stuff on the board. Abey just went ahead and assumed that was all the stuff that Marchand had just covered, as he didn't really want to waste his LISTENING time by trying to READ. It just meant he got further and further behind, even if his memory for listening to things was actually appalling actually.

But... why was it important to learn to cook with magic? Um... well... uh...

... "Well... isn't that how all cooking is done pretty much?" Riiiiiight? People did everything with magic so why not food things too? It would have been weird if there WASN'T a magic specifically for cooking.


And here was another answer – or more accurately, question – that took the professor by surprise. At first he wondered if Mr. Botros was joking but then reasoned that the boy was probably just unfamiliar with the muggle way of life. “I’m afraid not, Mr. Botros,” Gaston said gently. “People who are unable to use magic must prepare their food by hand, and even some wizards prefer to cook without magic.”

Text Cut: ”Derf”
Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Okay. OKAY. Derf was aaaactually paying attention this time. Sort of. But his mind was waaaaaandering because of the picture of Valerie Gray on his desk and NOW there were ideas of FOOD and COOKING and...well...there was something else entirely on his mind when he had his hand raised.

Why did he think it was important to use magic in cooking? He honestly DIDN'T think it was important nor better PER SAY - mum was often saying how she preferred to do certain things by hand because it was more satisfactory and such - but he supposed precision would come into play. And he liked the idea of using cooling charms on cookies and such straight out of the oven because that wait was AGONY sometimes.

"Profes-ss-sor?" he began, flailing his arm a bit to release some of his nervous energy as his cheeks gained a biiiiiiiit more of a pinkish hue. "They s-s-say the quickest way to a man's-s heart is through his it the s-same for the ladie-s-s?"

If the last two responses shocked Gaston, this one had him completely floored. He didn’t know what was more surprising, the sight of Mr. Ashbury-Hawthorne’s arm flailing or what he actually said. Now how was he supposed to answer that question? “I don’t know,” he replied with a slight chuckle. “I think that would depend on the person, Mr. Ashbury-Hawthorne.”

Text Cut: Katy
Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
Katy's mother had extremely specific views about using magic when cooking, to the point that she'd debated forcing Katy and Bast to eat only food sent from home. The rest of the family thought she was crazy. Brilliant, but totally mad. Must be a Bott thing.

But Katy hadn't seen much in the way of magical cooking in her own home. They had a food processor for goodness sake. "I suppose convenience, Professor, and being able to cook beyond your skill level. Like maybe you can't flip a pancake but you know a spell for pancake flipping. Now you're the breakfast king!"

Gaston was just about to move on when Miss Toussaint spoke up. Her answer earned an approving smile, but that smile turned into a laugh when she mentioned someone who couldn’t flip pancakes becoming the breakfast king. “Very true, Miss Toussaint!” he said. “Some of us would probably starve if we didn’t use magic to cook.” Like him, for example.

Text Cut: Lucy
Originally Posted by HaRoHeGiNeLu View Post

Why? Oh. "It's perfect," she began, and was just going to leave it there, but something about the look in his eyes made her continue, " smooth. It looks just like that one," she nodded at the apple he'd made moments ago. And that was all the answers he was going to get out of her. She was too distracted today to be anything but short and sweet.

Lucy raised her hand. She was going to ignore the first question, honestly, because she was sure her personal reasons for thinking it was important were irrelevant to her peers anyway. But as for useful spells, "Severing charms....levitating, heating, Incendio..."

Then Miss Potts spoke up. Gaston nodded, smiling slightly as she explained her reasoning behind the apple she picked. "Excellent observation, Miss Potts," he said. Then she gave some examples of spells used in cooking. "And nice examples! All are spells commonly used in cooking."

Gaston turned to address his class again. “Very good! All of you provided excellent answers, but Miss Sorin-Ward and Miss Holden came closest to guessing which spells we’ll be using today, those spells being used to control food temperature – or more specifically, the Heating and Cooling charms. Three points to each of you ladies for your guesses!”

“Today, we’ll be making popcorn balls using magic. You’ll be given a recipe card momentarily, but I thought a practical demonstration would be more effective in teaching these spells,” he continued. With a wave of his wand, the apples on his desk from earlier vanished, and two bowls appeared in their place. Those who looked closely would notice that one bowl contained unpopped corn kernels; the other contained a gooey substance. “To cast a heating charm, draw a flame shape over your target with your wand like so-“ He traced a flame with his wand over the bowl of kernels. “-and repeat the incantation Calefacio . Gently move your wand over the entire area you wish to heat; this spread the heat evenly.” There were rapid popping sounds as he moved his wand, and soon the kernels became popcorn. “You’ll use this spell to pop your popcorn and to heat the candy mixture that goes over it – though for the purposes of this demonstration, I have some already mixed and ready to use.”

He picked up the other bowl and poured the candy mixture over the popcorn. “Stir the ingredients – you may do this by hand or with a spell – and shape sections of the mix into balls, or any other kind of shape you like. “ He grabbed a handful of the candy/popcorn mix and clumsily shaped it into a ball-like shape, a task made harder by the hook covering one of his hands. “There is a charm to do this, but I thought it might be more fun to do this part by hand.” Sidelong glance at Miss Phillips. “If you like, you may decorate your popcorn balls with bits of candy.” He stuck a couple pieces of candy corn on top of the ball, two gumdrop eyes and a nose in the middle, and a few bits of licorice “whiskers” on each side of the nose to make a cat face… though maybe a crocodile would’ve been more appropriate given his costume.

“Once you’re satisfied with how your popcorn ball looks, you’ll use the Cooling Charm to cool them. Trace your wand in an M-shape and say the incantation Frigidus-“ He aimed his wand at the popcorn ball, made the wand movement, and repeated the incantation; the decorated ball instantly solidified.

He just had a few last-minute instructions to give. “You’ll be working in pairs for his activity. It’s important that you take turns using the spells! The combined effects of more than one spell on the same target could cause your ingredients to burn or your popcorn balls to turn to ice. All your supplies are contained in boxes up here-“ He waved his wand to remove the disillusionment charm he’d placed on the stack of boxes at front of the room. “You may come and get your equipment now; you have the rest of the class to work.”

OOC: You have AT LEAST 40 HOURS to complete this activity! There is no minumum post requirement, but both partners must attempt the heating charm and the cooling charm for full credit. If you have a question, please indicate int he title of your post. Gaston and I will be checking back in periodically. Each box contains all the dishes, utensils, and ingredients you need, plus a cop of this recipe card:

Text Cut: ”Popcorn Ball Recipe”
2 cups unpopped popcorn
1 tablespoon butter
1 cup white sugar
1 cup molasses
1/2 teaspoon salt


Pour unpopped popcorn into one bowl. Pop corn using a heating charm (Calefacio).

In the other bowl, melt butter using a heating charm. While one partner is doing this, the other stirs in the sugar, molasses, and salt. Continue to heat by moving wand evenly over the entire surface of the mixture. This process should take about 5 minutes.

Pour mixture over corn, while stirring popcorn thoroughly. Butter hands lightly. Shape popcorn into 12 to 14 balls, and decorate with candy bits if desired.

Cool finished popcorn balls with a cooling charm (Frigidus), and enjoy!
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