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Text Cut: Katy
Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
Katy had candy on the top of her nose from her close scrutiny of the apples, although she hadn't realized it yet. She had dared to lick both apples, but ultimately, they really did seem to taste the same. That made sense, based on what the professor was saying. The ingredients between the two were exactly the same, but the construction was different. So flavor and scent wouldn't vary... right?

Distracted, Katy raised her apple before switching hands and raising the empty one instead. "Professor, I think it's this one?" She held up that other hand again. Throw your hands up, heeeeeey. "The application of the candy coating is totally smooth and even, which suggests it wasn't applied by hand."

It wasn't long after Gaston had finished speaking that he saw Miss Toussaint's hand go up. He listened to her answer and nodded approvingly. "Very good, Miss Toussaint," he said, "and you're correct. No even coating like that could be done by hand."

Text Cut: Emmeline
Originally Posted by NifflerFan View Post

Emmeline frantically scribbled notes about this magic law thing in her Charms notebook. She was sure that it would turn up on an exam, or at least sure that it was important to know these things. She watched with wide eyes as Professor Marchand went through the demonstrations that backed up what he said about duplicating things with magic, summoning things with magic, and all of magic's limits when it came to food. This was cool stuff! She particularly liked how he'd summoned an apple across the room; that would be such a useful spell. Raising her hand, she asked: "Professor sir, does that spell you did to make the apple go across the room work on creatures?" So that was off-topic, but it was very relevant to Emmeline's life. Nanny's pygmy puffs would never almost escape again!

She listened intently to the professor's question and raised her hand again: "I think the right one is the magic one because..." She glanced down at her notes, "because it's too perfect. And this one on the left here has an extra bump by the stem--" she pointed at the bump on the left apple -- "so I think it's more natural. Also, the left one doesn't have as much candy stuff ALL the way around the apple, see?" She pointed again to a spot where the candy stuff on the left apple wasn't as perfectly even as it was on the right side apple. She watched the professor eagerly, really hoping she was right. This was one of the few subjects she really cared about, so it would be a shame to be bad enough to fail this kind of exercise.

Miss Sparkes's hand was the next one Gaston saw. Her question was a bit unexpected, but it made him smile nonetheless. "Indeed it does, Miss Sparkes," he said. "It's called a Summoning Charm. If you like, I can teach it to you later." But for now, they needed to get back to the subject at hand. He nodded in reply to the girl's answer. "Right! Bumps and bruises will rarely appear on magicked food."

Text Cut: Eddie
Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
The man did know Candy Apples were a fruit in a costume,
right? His mother tried to get him to eat these every year, but he wasn't falling for the trick. He wasn't going to eat healthy unless he wanted to eat healthily. Did his mother talk to the professor about his eating habits? Damn the woman being on the Board now,
he didn't know where she was going to turn up.

He looked at the apples, smelled then, touch them, but did not eat them. He wasn't putting fruit in his body if he didn't have to. He wrote what he did have for thoughts on the differences and then waited until the professor spoke again.

Lifting his hand to answer though he really had no clue which was which he figured it was better to speak to this one than not. He needed in good with the ones that could get him further in life, the charms professor was one of those people. [b] "Sir I think the one on the left. It has a different structure to it. It looks a bit smaller which could be because of magic, whereas the real one is better proportioned.

Now this was an answer the professor hadn't been expecting, but he had to admit it made sense. "That's a very good theory, Mr. Blaze," he said, "but in most cases, the reverse is true. Magicked items will generally have better proportions than their natural counterparts. The spell helps disguise any flaws that might be there."

Text Cut: Mel
Originally Posted by Optimist.Prime View Post
Melbourne looked up at Professor Marchand and smiled up at the Charms Professor. Raising her hand Melbourne smiled up at Professor Marchand, ”Professor,” she spoke softly ”I believe that this one” she plucked her second apple off of her desk and rotated it in her fingers.

”the reason I believe this candy apple is created by magic is because of the fact that there are little to no airbubbles in the candy shell on the apple” she pointed out large air bubbles on the other apple, ”this is apple however has larger air bubbles indicative of the sugars heating at what could be an uneven temperature” she paused for a second and grinned at the Professor.

Mel wasn’t sure what the Professor was going to say…still, in her excitement she plucked the apple off of the desk and began to sniff it…could she eat it now?

Miss Sorin-Ward was the next to speak, and Gaston listen intently to her answer. He was impressed! "A very observant and logical conclusion, Miss Sorin-Ward," he said, smiling slightly. "Air bubbles are a telltale sign of a handmade apple."

Text Cut: Ace
Originally Posted by Steelsheen View Post
Ohh magic in cooking. The Curly Top grinned as he watched the Professor demonstrate some pretty impressive culinary skillz. Gotta learn some of those eh?

Now as for which apple was made of magic... errmmm he kinda half finished it already. Oops? But taste is one of the senses they can use to determine things right? Specially theyre talking about candy apples which is an automatic YUM "Uh Professor, I think its this one..." he lifted the half eaten apple by the stick end "... because by appearance and weight and scent it looks very much like a real candy apple. Maybe a little too perfect, cuz the other one had little nicks and imperfections. I also tried tapping too-- sounded like it had the same density...." whoever magic'd it done a real good job with the duplicating "..... so I guess the only thing left is a taste test and an is-it-filling test, because given Gamp's law I figured, duplicated food wouldnt be as filling or as tasty as the real deal, and this one, although sweet, tasted a little off, like something's missing about what one expects from a real apple."

Gaston nodded approvingly at Mr. Salander's answer. So it seemed he agreed with the others about the magicked apple being free of imperfections, but then he mentioned the apples tasting different. The compliment earned the Gryffindor prefect a smile from the professor. "Thank you, Mr. Salander," he replied. "And I'm impressed! Magicked foods do have s subtle difference in taste, but it's almost impossible to detect."

Text Cut: Etta
Originally Posted by Lady of Light View Post
Etta watched the professor with an impressed look on her face. All the magic that he just did.. was something she'd like to learn. Learning how to magic with regards to cooking would be a very interesting thing to know. Also.. moving on to the professor's question. She picked up the apple that was 'apple two' and held it up for the professor to see.

"I think this is the one that's made with magic, Professor. The skin is way too glossy and perfect so it can't be a handmade candy apple. Because the other one.. the other apple.. has a few dents in it. And an ordinary candy apple can't be made with this level of perfection, right? So I assume it's the magical one. Also.. I don't know if it's just me.. but there is a small difference in smell. This magical one doesn't give off the same fruity scent.. it's different somehow."

Okay, was that enough? Etta rather wished she'd explained it more clearly.. but oh, well. She set the apple down for a moment before picking it up again, really wanting to take a bite. She was hungry but eating in class would be rude so she set it down once again and waited for class to move on.

Gaston saw Miss Kramer's hand (and apple) go up next and called on the Hufflepuff prefect. Her answer was along the same lines of what others had said bu no less correct. "Excellent, Miss Kramer! You're correct," he said. "Differences in smell, like taste, are almost impossible to detect, but magicked items will sometimes have a weaker smell."

Text Cut: Noelle
Originally Posted by ChanceCoeur View Post
Noelle watched all the people come into the classroom. Each were in costume. Okay, most were in costume. Everyone looked amazing. It was a little funny to see a duplicate Althea in the room.

Once the professor started speaking, Noelle's eyes stopped traveling. She focused on the professor and what he was saying. Also, he didn't look the best. It wasn't just his costume either. Noelle would check on that after class.

Taking her hat off and placing it off to the side, she examined her two apples. There were slight differences, like one was a little more round and glossy, not so many imperfections with the air bubbles from the candy. But how could you tell which was real and which wasn't?

Her eyes snapped back to the front as Marchand started showing off different charm techniques. Brilliant. Noelle took a few notes.

Now, which apple was made from magic. Noelle looked back at the apples that the professor has just conjured, cut, etc. She glanced back down. Then she listened to others answers. They were saying that the apple without the dents and imperfections seemed to be the one made out of magic. But in Noelle's mind, that just didn't make sense. She glanced at the apples again.

Noelle picked up each apple and sniffed them. Did magic have a smell?? One did smell slightly ...sweeter than the other. Magic was sweet right? Noelle lifted the sweeter smelling one up higher. Was this it?

Miss Summers was being awfully quiet. Oh well, no matter! Gaston glanced in the prefect's direction and saw her looking at and sniffing her apples. Maybe she just needed more time to finish her examination. Then he saw her raise one f=of her apples slightly higher and took that to mean it was the one she thought was made with magic.

Text Cut: Olivia
Originally Posted by Watson View Post
Before attempting to answer the question that Professor Marchand had posed to the class, Olivia glanced at her notes, looking at the points she had taken to support her answer. She thought that the first apple was the one made with magic based on a few reasons that her classmates had mentioned. Perfect combination of tart, sweet, and sour. She paused when Ace suggested that the taste of the apple was missing something. Huh. She hadn't realized that before because she was more focused on how well the tastes blended together but he was right. She took another bite of her apple. There was something missing indeed.... but what? She did notice that the every time she bit into the apple, it always tasted as fresh as the first bite but that could have been her imagination too. Hmmm..

She lifted up apple one into the air and raised her hand. When called on, she offered her thoughts. "Professor, I think apple one is made with magic. Apple one is consistently smooth, too smooth to the point compared to apple two. Apple one is also very flavorsome. I noticed that it was a well-balanced combination between sour and sweet and crisp and soft. It's the perfect apple in a sense that it is able to encompass all four qualities."

Miss Holden was the next to offer an answer, and Gaston listened carefully, nodding every so often. At first he thought she was going to just repeat what had been said about the magic apple being smoother and more perfect, but then she brought up the combination of flavors. "Interesting observation, Miss Holden!" he said, giving the girl a small smile. "An even balance flavors is a good indication of magic."

Text Cut: Jessa
Originally Posted by DaniDiNardo View Post
Oh. They'd have to be backing up their reasons for their choices? Jessa hadn't really been done studying her candy apples--despite being certain she was sure which had the magical properties and which didn't--but she supposed now would be as good a time as any to share what she had.

It was actually a little funny because Jessa had explained all this to a Natalie just a week ago and now it was the topic of the lesson. Were she a somewhat more similar in nature to either Abey or Derf, the young girl may have fancied herself a seer, but she knew better. It was just a rather clever coincidence.

Raising the one she suspected to be the duplicate, Jessa turned it around in her hand a few times. "This one's a product of magic, Professor. Biting into it, the texture and taste are of a poorer quality than the one I suspect to be real." It wasn't to say it tasted terrible but rather than while comparing, you would be able to tell the difference. "S'not quite as ...authentic tasting once you've had the real deal."

Now here was a unique answer! Most people seemed to think the magicked apple had a better taste, but Miss Cambridge had the opposite thought. "Very good, Miss Cambridge," the professor said, nodding slightly. "Interesting conclusion. Usually the magicked food is thought to have a better quality of taste and texture, but magic can sometimes create a more artificial flavor."

Text Cut: Ava
Originally Posted by RandomRaven View Post
The only thing that she didn't do was tasting the apples.
Well, who knew if both of those fruits were edible and safe to be consumed? So Ava thought it would be better if she did not eat them, or even had her tongue licked the coat.

As the time for apple examination was up, the Gryffindor did have some notes about the apples. "Professor, I think this apple is the one that made with magic." She said as she pointed to apple X. "The color is just brighter and has some kind of artificial scent." Although Ava wasn't really sure if magic could do that. With the scent, she meant.

Next to speak was Miss Burton. The professor nodded approvingly in reply to her answer, It sounded like she and Miss Cambridge were thinking along the same lines in terms of the magic apples seeming more artificial. "Excellent, Miss Burton," he said. "In addition to artificial flavor, magicked food can also have an artificial smell or color."

Text Cut: Skylar
Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
And then the Professor was moving on, talking more about Gamp's law and how magic cannot conjure food from nothing. Along with different things that could be done with food and he summoned one of her apples, the one she had mentally noted was the magicked one. As he was talking and demonstrating, she nodded in awe ... well despite his sickly appearance, at least it did not seem to affect his teaching. "Thank you," she whispered, when the apple was returned to her desk.

Which was made with magic? The perfect one, the one with the even coating, as her classmates already stated. But what if she wanted to play devil's advocate, to argue for the imperfectly perfect one as the magicked one? Everyone else seemed to be arguing the perfect one was, but what if it was all part of the ploy to trick them into believing something wrong.

"Professor, magic can be used for a variety of purposes, as you've just demonstrated, and while I do believe my classmates are correct in saying the one where the candy coating is perfectly smooth is the magicked one. However," she hesitated a moment. "Magic, as you demonstrated, is a wondrous thing, because in addition to making things look perfect, it could also mimic imperfections. Which means, the magicked one doesn't have to be the perfect one, because even the imperfect one is perfect in the way the smudges resemble ocean ripples. Or the air bubbles in their symmetrical form. Or well, the only way to know truly, I guess, which one was created using magic would be to perhaps use a revealing spell. We're not looking for human presence, but perhaps just revelio by itself might reveal evidence of magic? Or using prior incantato? But that's more on the wand that cast the magic, so I'm sure that it would inform one of which spell was used on which apple... but maybe, just maybe there's a charm similar to that?" Oops, had she spoken too much? He did say to provide evidence. And in playing devil's advocate, well, one need evidence.

Gaston wasn't sure how Miss Diggory would react to him summoning her apple, but he was glad she didn't' seem annoyed by it. Really, he'd just picked one at random. The professor's eyes widened slightly at the girl's answer; this was the most outside-the-box response he'd heard yet! "I'm impressed, Miss Diggory. Five points to Slytherin for your astute answer!" he said with a smile. "It's fairly common to use magic to create imperfections in foods. It makes it harder to distinguish between its natural counterpart, though in this case, the imperfections were caused by nature instead of magic." He didn't want to make it too difficult for the students to find the magicked apple! He nodded slightly as she went on. "Revelio on its own could be used to return a magicked item to its original state, but depending upon the spell used could be messy. While useful on a food that has been duplicated or transfigured, food created by magically combining existing ingredients would separate into its individual components, like so..."

He aimed his wand at the duplicated apple on his desk. "Revelio." It vanished. Then he cast the same spell on the banana, and it turned back into an apple. Finally he turned his wand to the candy apple he'd made by combining ingredients. The candy melted away, leaving just a plain apple and red candy goo covering his desk. Then he turned back to Miss Diggory. "But you're on the right track; there is a charm that reveals magic itself without affecting the object. May I?" He pointed his wand at her apple again. "Revelio incantatem." An orange glow appeared around the magicked apple.

Text Cut: Shay
Originally Posted by Daydreamer11 View Post
Fortunately Shay hadn't eaten all of her apples because the professor wanted opinions on which was which. Swallowing her most recent bite, she checked her notes and prepared to give her conclusions. Shay raised her hand and when called on, she made her case.

Holding the remnants of her apples up, Shay began to speak."I think this first apple is the one made by magic. There is no flat clump of candy coating on the bottom of this one. It doesn't look like it was dipped in the red coating and allowed to dry, like the other one. It's a little to perfect on the bottom. And this one doesn't exactly smell right. I can't explain it. It just doesn't smell jelly apple-ish enough.......oh and the color is a little too light." Shay was pretty sure about her choice. Now she just had to wait and see if she was right.

And here was another student who'd picked up on the magicked apple's unnaturally perfect appearance, and... Blink, blink. It didn't smell right? That caught the professor slightly off guard, and for a moment, he wondered if someone had tampered with the apples. It started to make more sense the more Miss Morrison explained her points, though. He nodded. "Very good, Miss Morrison," he said. "So you've noticed a difference in smell too."

Text Cut: Rooney
Originally Posted by Shanners View Post
Roopunzel just wanted to have a big old sing song right now instead of negotiating the properties of an apple. But Sir Pirate had given them instructions and Roo was on a warning already for his issues with the adults around school and how eager he was to voice them. Whoopsie. He gave both of the apples he was currently juggling another consideration for their bouncing ability. Actually...which apple was which again? Oh no! He'd juggled them into confusion and now he was going to have to re-identify them against his sketches. Laying them out on the frying pan, he compared them against the sketches and the notes made underneath each one about the scent and texture of each one.

And that was when he knocked one of his apples over on the table and got a glance at the bottom of one of the apples where the coating had folded against itself. Hmm....

Turning the other apple, he compared that part of it and it literally all came together for him. The one without the folding HAD to be magic. Right? This level of perfection couldn't just be organic, right? Oh, but Miss Skylar Diggory had given an incredible answer there which threw Rooney back into being confused. He messed around with the long hair draped over his legs as he considered her answer and his inability to come to such a perfect conclusion as that. Magic COULD create imperfections. If it had to be passable, then it had to at least give enough reasonable doubt, right? Why oh why. He gave no answer of his own, instead looked closely at his notes once more and both of the apples. Could any of the imperfections he had noticed be purposely put there?

Roo leaned into his hand, pressing a thumb against his lips.... why did.... why did his thumb taste subtly like cinnamon and .. what was that? ... Cinnamon and sausage? He'd had a sausage sandwich for breakfast, but surely it wouldn't have left his thumb tasting sausagey this long afterwards. Which apple had he just been holding in this hand?!! Roopunzel was puzzled.

Another quiet student. Gaston watched as Mr. Bronwyn - or should he say Princess Rapunzel - stopped juggling the apples and examined them rather intently. Was it just him or did the head boy-turned-princess look a bit confused? Had he really made the magicked candy apples that hard to spot?

Text Cut: Lucy
Originally Posted by HaRoHeGiNeLu View Post
Text Cut: The catch up bit
Distracted and off were both accurate reasons to her lack of greeting today. Lucy blinked at Professor Marchand when he called her by name. Hello? .... Yes! Hello! "Good morning," she offered a small, sleepy smile.


So, one apple was hand-made and one made with magic. Luce knew about Gamp's laws, and that one couldn't just magic apples out of thin air. She also knew that even in duplications, there were always slight discrepancies from the original. And, she thought that duplication was probably the method used to 'create' this apple.

She first took in the glossiness of the candy coating. Then, pressed a finger into it to feel the give and stickiness. She sucked at the candy that was pulled away as she thought about what her observations might mean. And then she began picking the candy coating off the apples - or trying to anyway - to see if the apples themselves underneath gave away any clues. Her last test was, of course, to taste. She took a small bite from each.

Before she drew any conclusions, though, Professor Marchand was speaking again.

She watched in awe as he flawlessly magicked all the apples. How he seamlessly transitioned from one non-verbal spell to the next. Sometimes, and usually in the most mundane ways, magic never failed to amaze her. And she was briefly caught up in the beauty of it all before she remembered that she had learning to do. And learning was especially important this year.

After regaining her focus, she tried once again to figure out which of the apples on her own desk were made from magic. Which was significantly easier now that it was demonstrated right before her eyes. She picked up the evenly coated one that matched the professor's up by the stem. "This one's magicked," she said. Funny how it was contrary to her originaly thinking that the magicked one would be the more flawed. But, it did make sense.

Gaston listened to Miss Potts's answer, patiently waiting for her to provide observations to support her point. He was a little surprised when none came, but maybe the girl just forgot. Or was having trouble wording her ideas. "Very good, Miss Potts," he replied with an encouraging smile. "Any particular reason why you think so?" he gently prompted.

Text Cut: Abey
Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
Hey, that was him! HE WAS MR. BOTROS!

Abey smiled around at everyone at that point, because yes hello that was him that Marchand was talking about, and he'd said something that was smart and not completely wrong. What a good day.

They'd get to make their own candy apples? NICE. Especially since both of Abey's were currently looking a little worse for wear, and his desk was now littered with candy-coating shrapnel and an awful lot of glitter.

Ooh, okay, ooh, Abey had an answer for that. And he was bursting to say it, too, so that was what he did.

"I think THIS one is the magic one," he declared, holding up the apple in his right hand. "Because when I smashed them together, the other one's coating sort of shattered and smashed and went all weird where the coating was uneven and then bits of the good part fell off, but this one just cracked like a lightning bolt and it seems the same all around and also it's actually really mega smooth and theres no drips on the outside or anything so it looks like it was charmed to dry instantly after the coating was put on."

Did that make sense? Probably not.

Also, these things were sticky. Like, REALLY sticky actually. Abey had to put both apples down and try to lick the sweet, sugary stickiness off of his fingers, and risk ingesting all that glitter in the process.

Mr. Botros's answer got a little chuckle from the professor. "A very unique observation, Mr. Botros," he said with a smile. He never would've thought to test the apples by smashing them together, but the boy had arrived at the correct conclusion nonetheless. "And you're right. A smooth, even coating is more often than not a sign of magic."

Text Cut: Liv
Originally Posted by Govoni View Post
BEAMING at Professor Marchand for a few moments, because yes, she'd seen that impressed look and was currently reveling in it...Olivia carried on with adding notes on her findings. Apple A...was the one with the air bubbles, and it was her opinion that perfection wouldn't have allowed for those types of flaws... You know, like small indents, uneven candy coating, and air bubbles. Again, magic created a false sense of perfection. Bothersome in some situations but helpful in discerning the differences in this one. Soooo, if that was the assignment, Liv was sure she'd pass.

"Apple A," She gestured to the one with flaws. " some bubbling beneath the candied coating, that I might have missed had I not used a magnifying charm." Mhm, resourcefulness! "The dents were so small that I might've missed them had I just been staring at it normally, and furthermore, there are imperfections on the surface of the apple." You know, besides the air bubbles. "The coating is also a little wonky, where as Apple B is smooth and unblemished. Perfect even beneath the gaze of Oculo Focalis." No spidering, no bubbles, no problems.

"I feel like you could've tricked us, where we might've had a harder time in telling the difference." It was easy to pick the perfect apple. Humans weren't perfect creatures and made errors. It was nearly impossibly to achieve the paragon of what a candy apple was. "Also, with so much candy smell in this room, I couldn't tell any differences on that front." Artificial or not, it was a hard sell.

What would Olphaba say at a time like this..... "This was dreadfully boring..." For effect, she tossed in some witchy!cackling. (AHEM, JUST KIDDING, but in character, you know?)

The witchy cackling did not escape Gaston's notice, but he let it slide. After all, it was Halloween... well, almost. The thing that caught him off guard was when Miss Phillips said she thought he could be tricking them. What was it with some of these kids assuming the worst of him? "I assure you there was no trickery involved, Miss Phillips," he said, but the smile he gave her was a little forced and the sad look in his eyes more pronounced. If anything, he'd tried to make it easier for them to guess!

He nodded in reply to her answer. She had a fair point about the smell, but what she said about the flawed apple was a little unexpected. "Excellent guess, Miss Phillips," he said. "Magic can create flaws, though unless a spell was used specifically to mimic said flaws - which was not the case here - the more perfect object will be the magicked one."

Text Cut: Derf
Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Derf was...having a bit too much fun drumming with both of his apples on his desk - of COURSE he was also taking great care in seeing how each felt when bouncing off the surface and switched them between both his hands so his dominant hand wouldn' in its opinion - so he was only half paying attention when the class moved on.

When he DID catch that they were talking about...things...he honestly couldn't remember which apple was which. Was THIS one A and this one B? A told B and be told time to get distracted by songs and such he was singing to Picketta.

"This-s-s one," he proclaimed, thrusting one of the candy apples into the air. "Does-s-sn't make my arm vibrate as much after I whack my desk with it. Feels-s-s less-s-s s-solid. More s-s-spongy." He paused here, thinking about what the professor had just said about combining foods and such. "...does-s-s that mean this-s-s apple was made by combining .... uh.... sponge cake and s-s-something else?"

Mr. Ashbury-Hawthorne was still drumming his apples on his desk. Gaston smiled a little; he didn't have the heart to tell him to stop. Then he saw one of the boy's apples go up and called on him. Talk about an outside-the-box answer! "Interesting theory, Mr. Ashbury-Hawthorne - and a creative testing method if I do say so myself!" he said. "That's a good point you made. Depending on the spell used, some magic can cause an object to feel less solid. This is most often the case when duplicating or transforming something." The bit about combining apples and sponge cake made him laugh a little. "I'm afraid it wasn't, though that's a very good idea!" He'd have to see if he could come up with an apple sponge cake recipe!

Once the students had finished giving their answers, Gaston turned to address the group again. "Excellent answers, all of you!" he said. "You came up with some clever and creative reasoning to back up your points, and most of you correctly identified the magicked apple. So how exactly does one tell food made by magic from food made by hand?" He flicked his wand at the blackboard, and the following words appeared:

Magicked food vs. Handmade Food

Appearance - magicked food will have an unnaturally perfect appearance (e.g. no bumps, air bubbles, etc.) unless caster uses spell to deliberately create flaws

Proportion - magicked food will appear more symmetrical than handmade

Texture - magicked food will appear smoother

Density - Certain spells (e.g. duplication charms, most forms of transfiguration) will cause magicked food to feel lighter than handmade

Smell/Taste - Differences are virtually undetectable, though some magicked food will have a more artificial smell/taste
Once he'd finished writing the differences the class had mentioned on the board, he gave his students a few moments to take notes before continuing, "Now, in a few minutes, we'll be using a few simple charms to create a Halloween treat, but first, why do you think it's important to learn to cook with magic? What spells do you think would be most useful in the kitchen?" He couldn't wait to hear the class's thoughts on this. Maybe some of them would be able to guess the charms he'd be teaching!

OOC: You have ABOUT 24 HOURS (10:30 PM EDT May 23) to answer this question, then we'll move on to the main activity!

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