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Ace smiled at Mel. Right, Darcy from Thor. Yeah now he remembers. "Good pick. Certainly more memorable than Jane ever was. Infinity stone or not."

Alright so... should he have a bite? He tapped his finger against one and then the other, candy apples are pretty hard. Can he actually bite into these things? Maybe give 'em a lick first?

.......... They both taste the same.

He examined both closely. His candy apples were so identical it was really hard to tell. Of what little difference they had, one just seem to have minor nicks, just tiny imperfections....

.... wait.

What if thats it? What if thats what tells them apart? He picked up this beyond perfect candy apple "Maybe you're the fake one?...." he murmured and then took a bite. And took another. And another.....

... this isnt very filling is it? Or is it because he's just naturally a bottomless pit?
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