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Oh, she was being joined by a blonde haired girl whom Olphaba had...never laid eyes on before? Or so, she assumed. Said blonde had the strangest eyes. Doll-like and bright...but at the same time, there was something familiar about this person. Like... the sense of a kindred spirit that permeated the mystique. Rapunzel, the character, was something near and dear to her heart. It felt strange that so many others had went the Disney route, and herself, who was the biggest Disney junkie around, hadn't. Curiouser and curiouser.

When Rapunzel seated herself close by, Olphie leaned in to take a closer look. Lol, 'closer look' was the polite way of putting it. Actually, Olphaba was STARING this girl down. As if to say...Whooo. Are. You.? But then... Well, there was only ONE person who would be quoting The Wizard and I to her. Only one person who loved the theatre as much as she did...


Upon further inspection, and spying the Head Boy badge glittering on the pretty, purple dress, Olphaba started cackling... CACKLING like she was actually the Witch (WHICH OLD WITCH, THE WICKED WITCH)... "Why.... do you predict that the Wizard could make me his, Roopunzel?" Oh, my dear. MY DEAR! And not to throw shade at her boyfriend, but how dare he look better as a girl than she did. That simply would not do. Her own vanity wouldn't allow it. "I'm afraid I must discontinue our partnership, Roopunzel. You are more fair than I."

Now... it was time to get to this apple activity. Hmmm. APPLES. So many Disney jokes she could make about apples, Alas... Kids dressed as Disney characters, do NOT let us down!!!

With a frown, Olphie recrossed her legs and slipped back into character. Candied apples. What in the name of OZ did this man have them doing with these things? There wasn't anything terribly special about apples. A magically induced fruit would've been much more interesting. Like a poisoned apple, if the man insisted on these... There was no Snow White present today, but... Perhaps Cinderella could take a bite. Or Belle... That's what Princesses were there for. To get poisoned and then be resued by true love's kiss. G A G.

Love was for fools!

Ahem. Anyway... Two identical candied apples. They were quite strange, weren't they? She'd made them once before with her mother, and found that the process of coating said apples was way harder than it actually looked. Needless to say, the end product hadn't been that attractive looking. There'd been a few that had ended up only half covered, and others that had bubbles and spider vines like they'd been dropped and cracked to resemble broken glass. It hadn't been intentional... So, that lead the wigged blonde to look closer for flaws. Magic would create perfection... Without magic would be a hot mess... Or so, that's what logic told her. Maybe Liv was way off base here.

Hmm. They both looked evenly dipped with an illustrious candied sheen to them. Maybe she was being tricked... Ugh, she'd have went in for a taste, but if she smeared her lipstick, this was one girl that was going to be severely ill. Smells, then. She'd have to rely on smells...and maybe slice them in two. Get a look at the insides... Carefully inching her face closer, Olivia pushed the bottom length of her wig out of the way, leaning to take a long, deliberate wiff!. She....couldn't instantly tell a difference? They both smelled like cherry candy. Not to mention her nose was already compromised by so many other different smells around the classroom. So, that was most likely going to be a bust from the get go.

The Gryffindor obviously needed a closer look; magnified!style. "Oculo Focalis." After swishing and tapping on her closed eyelid, Liv slowly blinked them back open. BLINK BLINK... It was the oddest sensation at first but it wore off, eventually! Noooow, let's see...

Oh... there were some air bubbles on the inside of the one...a few indents in the candied coating that wasn't 100% visible to the naked eye. Very small. Minuscule, but clear to her magnified gaze. "Huh." Snagging a piece of parchment, she began writing.
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