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As Professor Marchand answered his question, Abey nodded and nodded and nodded and actually didn't stop at all, even though it was making more and more glitter fall off of his head and onto the desk and floor all around him. AND on his shirt and trousers and arms EVEN THOUGH STARS WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE ON THOSE PARTS.

But it didn't matter actually because Abey barely noticed.

"Okay!" he replied, and gave his Head of House a double thumbs up. "Got it!"

Sort of, anyway.

Onto the apples then. Abey looked at his, leaning forward so his arms were folded on his desk and his chin was resting on them. From here, he could see that some of the sparkliness on the apples actually wasn't actually from the light shining off them, but escaped glitter that was stuck fast to the candied outside. Whoops.

Sooooo... which one LOOKED more magicked? It was... hard to tell, and Abey couldn't remember if most of his food at home was cooked with the help of magic or if it was all done by hand; he never really paid that much attention to it. He tried to imaging what the process was for making a candy apple with magic, and then see if either of the ones in front of him looked as though they fit the bill.

Hmmm... the coating would probably give it away. Abey had never made a candy apple before, but he thought that it must be very tricky to do by hand. It was so sticky that it was probably very difficult to get absolutely perfect, whereas with magic, the apples could be coated with ease, and could spin while levitating in the air so they could dry easily. If that was the case, then the one on the right looked more like it was made by magic.

Ooh, but what if it was A TOTAL TRICK, and they were BOTH magic... or BOTH hand made?

Abey thought that perhaps a taste test was in order, so he picked up both, one in each hand, and started off by licking the candy coating. Mmmmmm, sweet. Mmmmmmmm, still sweet.

... Okay, well... that didn't tell him anything at all. Maybe he should eat the whole thing. Both whole things. For science? Yes. Abey didn't mind ingesting a bit of glitter.

OH WAIT, ANOTHER QUESTION. "Are the handmade ones made by elf-hands or professor-hands?" It was a very important question which would help in his ultra smart investigation.

With his question asked, Abey went ahead and took a bite out of the first one. Or... tried to... because wow that candy surface... sure was something.

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