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Default Catch up post.

Levi Kenning, The White Lie, had been there the WHOLE time. For a better view of all the clearly well thought out costumes his classmates had thrown together, the boy had chosen the very back of the classroom. There were princesses, hags, ladybugs, pirates, Abey Botros was maybe the sky itself???, a Lucy who hadn't bothered with a costume, a blonde Althea, and an actual Althea who, like him, didn't seem to have bothered much with the theme and had only sort of stuck to it.

But at least she'd added flowers to her cat ears. And he'd actually gone on to make the make the black rim of his glasses white. So, there was that.

So much for their supposed differences.

Professor Marchand, meanwhile, didn't look entirely well and the boy had the half mind to ask if something was wrong, but then class started. Not to mention that if something was wrong with the man it was unlikely that he'd be willing to share with one of his students. Gryffindor IMPS guy or not.

Levi didn't immediately began working on the assignment, and instead craned his neck to read what a fellow Gryffindors had written on his sleeves. Not an easy feat considered he kind of had to read upside down but he thought he could make out: Using my Arithmancy book to feed the fire was a complete accident and you have perfect eyesight, Levi and I'm not lying when I say 'I'm on my way, I only need five more minutes.'

Anyway. The apples.

He tilted his head to one side, looked up briefly at at Abey's question--which had been his own, too--and nodded in appreciation when Marchand confirmed that was something they'd be touching on, later. The boy leaned in close to the apples, wrinkling his nose and squinting, trying to note the flaw that'd give away the fake one. Or not fake. The duplicate. He thought there was a certain sheen to the one on the left that made it a little too perfect, or maybe it was the way the light was hitting it.

The boy tilted his head to the other side. Was it... too round? Did it smell too sweet?

Levi pulled back and began to take notes.
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