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Katy never dressed up for Halloween at Hogwarts, at least not for classes, although she happily wore her cat ears and whiskers and explained that she was Kat-y to anyone who asked. Most years. This year, though, her new friend Althea had stolen the cat look, and so Katy had stolen hers. Her look, that was.

Katy was Althea Kenning for Halloween. Fabulous and very tall shoes and a skirt that didn't look as good on Katy's small frame as it did on the long-legged Kenning. More leg than her mum would approve of, though. She wore a name tag ("Fabulous Kenning, go away") and a smirk and waited for the real Althea to either crack up or smack her.

"Good day, Professor. You look ready for the high seas." Katy waved at the professor before taking her seat. How did anyone expect to learn anything in some of the poofball outfits they'd chosen?
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