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Olivia walked through the door and noticed everyone dressed up in costumes. There was pirates, romans, sailors, a burglar, and Newt Scamander. It had taken her nearly half an hour to come up with a costume before resorting to being Selina Kyle, Catwoman, from the Batman series. Instead of going in the traditional get up which was not her style and also not appropriate, she resorted for a more subtle look. She wore a simple black dress with a mask. She walked into the room and approached their Professor. "Captain Marchand, echanté." With a courtesy, she headed towards a familiar faces. Her eyes landed upon first mate Salander and Noelle also in nautical theme. "I love the costumes, pirates!" she said with a grin. Everyone looked so awesome! And then there was Derf! She approached him. "Mr Scammander, it's an honour. I'm a huge fan."
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